DeSilva the Rat Fink Travels

Sweet Older Sister and Queen Prankster

Let me tell you a true story. Once upon a time there was a little sister who loved to play practical jokes. This little prankster’s name was Renee, and she had a particular love of playing practical jokes on her sweet older  (and more respectable) sister, Jennifer.  When Renee was a little girl, she frightened her darling older sister by wearing a gruesome Halloween mask in bed.

This is how the antic played out:

Setting:  Sister’s bedroom in the dark. 
Jenn:   “Ren, are you okay?”
Renee:   “Oooohhhh, I think I hurt myself.  Will you turn on the lamp beside you?”
Jenn:  “Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!”
A blood curdling scream escapes from Jenn’s lungs, adrenaline surging through her veins, horrified as she comes face to face with her sister wearing a  gruesome Halloween mask. 
Renee laughs so hard she almost pees her pants.
Jenn:  “Haha, very funny.  How do you expect me to go to sleep after that?”
Over the years, the pranks never stopped.  This mischievous sister would plant things like a piñata of Dora the Explorer’s decapitated head in older sister’s bed.  Or a plastic blow up doll in the shower, upon the discovery of sweet older sister, resulting in hair-raising screams.   Sometimes Renee would even hack into Jenn’s Facebook account and write silly status updates like “I love potatoes”.  She even employed her husband and niece to do her dirty work for her.
Finally,  Jennifer had ENOUGH!
It was time to exercise Karma and sweet revenge on her trickster sister Renee.  She purchased a plastic life-size rat at the dollar store (a Halloween item)  and instructed her eldest daughter Susan to plant the rat in her sister’s bed.  Susan did an impeccable job of complimenting the life-like rat with crumbled crackers and placing the said rat and crumbs on the pillow.
Upon discovery, Renee’s heart lept out of her chest. And she almost peed her pants.
It was a glorious revenge!  Uproarious laughter was the aftermath of the scheme to prank the Queen Prankster.  Jennifer gloated for a while, continually asking Renee if she was proud of  her, now that she too had learned so well from the Queen of Pranks.
However, the pride and gloating didn’t last too long…….
Upon arriving in Spain, and unpacking her bag, Jennifer (the sweet, older, and respectable sister) pulled out……….
The RAT!!
DeSilva the Rat

Discovering the Rat while unpacking

Thus was born DeSilva the Rat Fink.  This ghastly rat now symbolizes our beloved Queen Prankster Renee and her family.  Like a travelling gnome, DeSilva the Rat Fink will travel with us until he returns to see his owner’s mischievous face in 7 months.
So stay tuned.  You’ll never know where DeSilva the Rat Fink may end up!
Written by Jenn
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5 Responses to DeSilva the Rat Fink Travels

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  2. Your awesome SISTAH says:

    Hahah, Lisa, I waited until she was in the shower! She can’t out prank a prankster!

    I was quite impressed with the rat prank! You’re getting better everytime my beloved sistah! hehehe…It was a LOT better than the time you duct taped that huge ninja turtle on our back window, and called and asked us every half hour if we looked outside our window yet!

    Anyways, you should take a pic of the rat on the nude beach! LOL : )

    Love ya lots!

  3. Lisa says:

    Great story Jenn! I can’t believe Renee put that rat in your pack without you knowing (she’s good!). Can’t wait to see pics of DeSilva the Rat Fink 🙂

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