The Market


The Market is a lot of fun,

We went last Wednesday in the sun.

There were colours everywhere,

We saw trinkets with some of flair.

We had candy that was sweet,

A wonderful sugary tasty treat.

The scarves were such a pretty sight,

And toys to catch a child’s delight.

Spices and flowers that smell so great,

It makes me want to celebrate!

I really like it here in Spain,

I hope we can come back again.

By Susan

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Pictures taken by Susan of Wardrobe

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5 Responses to The Market

  1. Claire says:

    To Lucy,
    Now you have a brother named Peter too!
    How hot are you? Are you having fun?
    Are there lots of people on the sidewalk?
    I went to Spain for lunch and I built a sandcastle. I liked Spain.
    Peter said hi.
    Good bye
    Love Claire
    Written by Claire.

  2. Thank you! It was fun to write the poem!
    Love Susan

  3. Heather says:

    Nicely done, missy!!

  4. Ninang Renee says:

    DUDE! Great poem! Yummmmmy candy! I love seeing your faces and smiles : ) Eat something yummy for me and Gaby Baby! Hopefully we can skype again soon and see you guys this time!

  5. Lisa says:

    That’s a wonderful poem Susan that summarized your experience at the market 🙂 Awesome pics too! Love them!

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