A Sunday Walk in Fuengirola

Last Sunday, we tried to go to church, but it turned out we were 1 hour late, and by the time we got there, the church was done.  So we decided to go for a walk along the water in Fuengirola.   Everyone was outside walking too because it was a nice day. 

While we were walking, a balloon man was selling balloons and going to every kid trying to sell his balloons.  He came to us and started hitting us on the head with a balloon and made funny noises, like happy farting sounds.  The balloon man pointed a balloon at Edmund and looked at mom and dad and made a sad face, and that usually means, “Do you want to buy this?”  Mom and dad said no, but he kept following us and hitting us on the head with the balloon.  He was annoying. 

We saw a lot of interesting things.  Some interesting parts was a merry-go-round, a motorbike party, and rides for kids.  My brother and sisters and I went on a bumper car ride.  It costs 2 Euros for each car.  Edmund and I were in one car, and the girls were in another car.  Everytime we bumped into the girls, we would get pushed forward.   It was really fun!

While we were walking in Fuengirola, we came across a souvenir shop and there were a whole bunch of wooden toy guns, swords, axes, and sling shots.  They were cool because they were toy guns that you could play gun wars with them.  My favourite one was the wooden shotgun, because it was the biggest and looked the coolest, and you can shoot rubber bands with them.  We didn’t buy any because mom and dad said there is no room for them in our packs.

We walked a lot that day.  It was nice spending time together.

Narrated by Peter, typed by his Mom

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4 Responses to A Sunday Walk in Fuengirola

  1. Grandma says:

    Hi Peter, It’s really nice to hear your story. Was the wooden gun hand carved? The Balloon Man looks very white. Do you think he was Spanish? Right now it’s -17C here and there you are without a jacket on! Love you,

  2. Renee says:

    Great post Peter! I like reading your thoughts! Keep them coming : )

    Question: How do you know he was just making farting sounds and not really farting? hmm…..

  3. Lisa says:

    Thanks for sharing about your day at Fuengirola. It seems like it was a nice relaxing Sunday 🙂 The wooden shotgun looks cool indeed!

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