Aseos para Niños

Have you ever seen a small toilet before?  Well I have, when we were in the restrooms in the Plaza Mayor Mall in Malaga. 

I saw a sign on a door that looked like a little baby, but it was standing up. I was curious to see if the washroom was for kids, babies (I don’t know why I would think that), maybe even men or women.  If it was the men’s washroom, that would be embarrassing to look in , so I opened it a small crack.  All I saw was the wall of the stall to my right, and a sink with a long metal stool under it.  I didn’t hear anyone inside so I opened it a little more, and I realized it was a little restroom.  Everything was teeny.  The room was small and the washroom stalls were short. I went in and looked at the toilets.  They were  tiny like one for an elf.  It was a kids’ washroom!  It was so cool!  The only thing that was weird was that there weren’t any doors on the stalls.  I can’t imagine going to a washroom without a door.

Even the sink was decorated for little kids like Lucy and Edmund!  It had toys like cars, cards and candy stuck in the glass of the sink.  My sister and I thought it was neat!   

Mom said that while we are travelling around the world, we were going to see different kinds of toilets.  In spanish it is called an aseo.  When we are looking for a toilet, we ask, “Donde esta aseo?”  It means, “Where is the toilet?” 

Anyway, I wanted to write about this because I thought it was cool.

Written by Susan of Wardrobe

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Pictures taken by Susan of Wardrobe



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5 Responses to Aseos para Niños

  1. Heather says:

    Get out of the elves’ restroom! That’s no place for children! Don’t you know that Santa’s elves all vacation in Spain in January, after all their work is done? No wonder it was empty – they’re all busy busy busy!

  2. Lisa says:

    That is neat! Thanks for sharing Susan. I didn’t even see the children’s toilet when I visited Spain! You take wonderful photos as well – just like your mom! 🙂

  3. Grandma says:

    BTW, Susan, sharing your Spanish lesson is awesome. I hope you will do that more so Grandma can learn with you. Dios ben Deega. Did I spell that correctly? XOX

  4. Grandma says:

    Hi Susan, I’m glad you wrote about the children’s washroom. What a neat idea – putting candy and other fun things in glass. And a little toilet – a real one that flushes! When Mom & Dad potty trained their kidlets, wouldn’t that have been a helpful idea?! I love hearing from you and miss all of you. Hugs,

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