DeSilva the Rat Fink Relaxing in Spain

La Rata Española en La Ronda

DeSilva is a Gnome-like travelling Rat Fink who stowed away in Jenn’s pack from Edmonton.  Her prankster sister Renee placed him there.  You can read the first post of DeSilva the Rat Fink’s story in DeSilva the Rat Fink Travels   
Dear Friends,
I am so glad I decided to leave the Rat Race!  I am having an incredible time here in Spain.  Life here has been a real eye-opener for me.   I am experiencing and learning so much that it is RAT-iculous!  My travel companions have been quite hospitable.   I’ve become Lucy’s playmate, and she’s introduced me to a new alien friend.  She even made me a little bed pouch to sleep in.  What a clever and thoughtful girl!

Encounters of the Rat Kind

AeRATing out with the laundry

The mother however, still finds me hideous.  I try to look pretty and stay out of her hair, but just the other day as I was minding my own business on the balcony, she came out to hang up the the laundry.  She saw me and got quite startled.  She laughed it off of course, but I could see on her face that I nearly gave her a rat-attack.  I know she doesn’t think highly of me.  I overheard her telling her husband that I am not very photogenic.   😦

On the bright side, I have been enjoying the Manchego cheese here in Spain.  The cheese is heavenly!  Whenever I place a morsel of it in my mouth, I am swept away by adoration and gratitude.  Little by little, I feel as if I am transforming into Una Rata Española.

I am the King of the Castle, and still a Dirty Rat-scal

Here I am relaxing on the beach.  The children made me the king of their sand castle.  Well, that is it for now.

Warm regards to all,

DeSilva the Rat Fink

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6 Responses to DeSilva the Rat Fink Relaxing in Spain

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  3. Grandma says:

    Dear DeSilva Rattio – your imagination is wonderful! I think you are soooo creative and a great story teller. You must be a very busy beaver, rating the many places you’ve been, even just in your own dwelling. I see you find the laundry on the balcony. It must be great weather there and the laundry smell so fresh when brought in. About La Ronda, were your owners there on their first trip to Spain? Also, Lucy’s a great little caretaker, isn’t she? I remember how well she tended to the kittens here in July of 2007. Hugs,

  4. Linda says:

    All your pictures and the write ups are great it all sounds like fun. How about a picture of Mom & Dad? Have your children take a picture, people Pics are always interesting… enjoy

  5. Renee says:

    HAHA…just as I hoped! The kids would keep pranking you on the trip!! HEHEHE…kudos to the kid who did the laundry one ! Love you!

  6. Lisa says:

    lol … Perhaps you can share a bit of that Manchego cheese with the mother and win her affections! 😉

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