Country Report: Spain

This past month, my family and I lived in Marbella, Andalucia, Spain.  It  is on the Costa del Sol right along the Mediterranean sea.  Our apartment was just a short walk away from the beach.  I have learned a lot about Spain and as a homeschool assignment, I’d like to share what I’ve learned. 

What I learned about Spain

Spain is a beautiful country in southern Europe that is very sunny and fun to live in.  Did you know that Spain is the third largest country in Europe?  Spain is located in the Iberian peninsula with its neighbour Portugal.  The capital city is Madrid, which is right in the middle of the country. 

The population of Spain is 39.9 million people.   Their main religion is Roman Catholic.  People from Spain are called Spaniards.  They speak Spanish here.  Spanish is a really cool language that I hope to learn someday.  Hello in spanish is Hola and Spain is  España.

Spain’s currency is the Euro because Spain is part of the European Union.  A Canadian dollar is less than a Euro  because it takes  $1.40 Canadian to match a Euro. 

Spain is the largest producer of olives and olive oil in the world.  Limes and oranges are grown along the coast and are an important export. 

The cultural highlights we got to experience in Spain were Flamenco dancing and Bullfighting.  The Spanish foods that we enjoyed eating are: Paellas (a mixture of rice with a whole bunch of vegetables, seafood and meat in it), Tapas (small plates of different types of foods like shrimp or fish or beef or whatever you want, technically appetizers we all shared family style), Chorizo (a very juicy sausage that is red), Churros (a long stick of carved dough fried in oil and rolled in sugar, it tastes even better fresh and dipped in melted chocolate, and Chocolate (Spanish people LOVE chocolate, and you probably already know what that is if you were ever a kid, haha).    

My favourite things about Spain

The things I like most about Spain is the weather and the chocolate.  The weather here is very nice most of the time.   On really nice days it is about 22 degrees Celsius. Some days it’s just alright like about 17-19 degrees Celsius.  At night, it is about 10 degrees Celsius.  I think the chocolate here is the best in the world! It’s really creamy and you can find any type of nut in them.  Like almonds, peanuts, and other types of nuts, even sometimes rice crispies.

My best memory about Spain

My best memory of Spain is when my  brothers and sister and I were in the ocean, jumping on the waves whenever they came.  I sat down in the water because I thought the sea was calm.  Boy, was I wrong.  So I sat down And started talking to Lucy when she gasped and said “Get up!” “Why?” I asked.  Then I understood because at that moment a huge wave came up from behind me and it almost drowned me.  Then I sat up and was completely shocked, Lucy giggled and we both went back to our chair’s to get dried by the sun.

Living here in Spain has been a good learning experience for me.  I have learned a lot about this beautiful country.  I hope to come back and stay longer so that I can learn the language and travel more in Spain.

By Susan of Wardrobe

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5 Responses to Country Report: Spain

  1. emma says:

    hi susan hows a going I miss you and I just wanted to tell you that this is amazing

  2. Heather says:

    Hey there!
    I love churros too! But I never thought to dip them in chocolate! Thanks for the great idea! And good job on the report, too. Well, I’m about to go and take a cold shower. It’s sweltering over here…

  3. Lisa says:

    Great job on the report Susan! Yes the chocolate is soooo yummy good there .. actually in all of Europe I find 🙂 And lucky you with the nice weather. I wish I can join you guys now cause it is oh so cold in Germany. I’m such a wimp 😛

  4. Grandma says:

    Hola Susan! It’s great to hear from you and I enjoy your writing and the photos of your homework (and especially of you!) Your homework sounds interesting! May I ask a couple questions? Is Andalucia a province of Espana, and how do you get the squiggle on your latop on the ‘n’ to make it sound correctly? And next time you have a yummy churros will you smile for me? Here, Gus & Princess are in the garage ’cause it’s -30. The full moon and pink horizon and sunshiny days are sooooo beautiful! We love you! Keep up the good work, with hugs & Dios ben dega.

  5. Nanang Renee says:

    Great job Susan! I want some Spanish chocolate now! Yummmmm Too bad it’s so cold in Spain! Edmonton is so hot and sunny right now! : ) miss you and yours bros and sis lots !!!

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