Country Report: Morocco

In November, my family and I spent two magical weeks in Morocco.  We rode on camels in the Sahara desert, and drove all over the country with our friend Naim.   We visited a cool place in Ouarzazate (Oually-wood) where they make lots of movies (like Gladiator and Kundun).  We fed wild Barbary Apes some bread.  Toured a world famous Medina in Fez and visited the tannery there.  I even practiced my french with some new friends we made in Marrakech.  I’m excited to share what I have learned with you.



Morocco is a nice sunny country in North Africa borderded by the Atlantic Ocean to the west,  and the Mediterranean Sea to the north.  The capital city is Rabat, where the Moroccan prince lives.  The type of government is a Democratic Monarchy.  Their currency is Moroccan Dirhams.  It takes 8 Moroccan Dirhams to make $1 Canadian.  The official languages are Arabic and French.  Berber is a common language with the Nomads.  Hello in Arabic is Salam Alaykum, and Thank You is Shukran.



The population  of Morocco is 34,330,000.  Most of the people who live here are Muslim.  The people  there are very friendly, and love children.  Obviously, the people are called Moroccans.


 Moroccans pay lots of attention to their food here, because they want it to taste good.  It is very scrumptious by the way 😉

The popular Moroccan  dishes are: 

-Tagine is a delicious saucy type of food that is put in a big tagine clay pot with a mixture of meat and vegetables. 

-Couscous is a  type of grain which is steamed.  It is pressented with meat(chicken, mutton, goat) and vegetables.

-Pastella is like a pastry pie with spinnach and meat and vegetables.  We tried pidgeon pastella.  It tasted like chicken. 

-Mint tea is  the most delicious hot  tea in the world!! With lots of sugar and fresh mint.

-Hirrera is a type of lentil soup with lots of vegetables and  spices.

-Dates:  You probably know what this is, but for those of you who don’t, it’s like a big grape with a big hard seed in the middle. Don’t eat the seed because I can almost guarantee you that when you’re finished, you won’t have any more teeth left.

-Crepes are delicious thin breakfast Moroccan pancakes with syrup made of melted butter and honey.

Animals everywhere!

In Morocco they have a variety of animals.  Demoiselle cranes, goats, donkeys, cows, camels, sheep, turtles ,dogs, cats, chickens, turkeys, lizards, horses, Barbary apes, rabbits, and bulls are the animals we saw during our trip there.

My favourite memory of Morocco

My favourite memory of Morocco is when we went trekking on camels.  Actually,  we rode on dromadaries.  According to Sayid, our Berber Nomad  guide in the Sahara desert, dromedaries have one hump and camels have two.  I had my own sweet dromedarie.  I named her Betsy.  She was a nice brown dromedarie. She was very comfortable and soft.  Mommy and Lucy’s dromedarie was a nice sand coloured  dromedarie.  His name was The Golden Boy.  Edmund and Dad’s dromedarie was the same colour as mine.  His name was Betsy #2.  He had a ripped nose.  That must have hurt!  Peter’s dromedarie was snowy white and his name was Jojo

By the time we mounted our dromedaries, the sun had started to set.  Our shadows became nice and clear and projected the image of all six of us on our camels on the sand.  We had our turbans on and it was starting to get windy.  I lifted my face up to look at the setting sun and the cool breeze blew across my face.  It felt so refreshing and peaceful.  I closed my eyes, as the gentle swaying motion of the dromedarie walking through  the soft rose coloured desert was lulling me to sleep.  I opened my eyes as our caravan went over a sand dune.  The sky  was now turning a darker shade of violet.  This memory will always remind me of one of the most tranquil adventures in my life.

By Susan of Wardrobe 

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4 Responses to Country Report: Morocco

  1. Emma says:

    dear Susan, it’s very interesting ,I miss you
    love Emma 🙂

  2. Grandma says:

    Dear Susan, you are an awesome writer. Thank you for your interesting story. I loved how you told us of how you felt on the ride in the desert. I could picture being there with you. It must have been a wonderful experience! Love you, Grandma

  3. bruleeblog says:

    Don’t listen to Lisa; she is ALWAYS bad at listening. 😉

    Good job on the report Susan! I see you learned a lot of new words!

  4. Lisa says:

    That was an awesome report Susan! I am so happy you all loved Morocco and have learned so much about the country in the short time you were there. I’ve learned even more through your report because I am old now and don’t have the greatest memory at remembering things esp facts … ok… sometimes also bad at listening 🙂 It was wonderful to read your report! It reminded me what a beautiful time I had there when I went. Love Love the photos!

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