Feeding the Barbary Apes in Morocco

When we were on our way to Fes, we stopped to feed the Barbary Apes.  It was fun!  We brought some bread.  We got the bread from the hotel we stayed in.  The apes loved bread and one of them took Edmund’s bread.  Edmund was sad because he didn’t have anymore bread to feed the apes. 

I like the baby apes the most because they were cute.  There were baby apes and mommy and daddy apes in the tree.  Their coat was colored brown.  They looked like crawling big bugs in the tree.  When we had to go they were following us because they wanted more food, but we did not have any more.  So we had to go.  I like the Barbary apes!

Two men put us on a horse for a ride.  I tried feeding my horse a piece of bread but it didn’t want it.  Me and Edmund were on one horse which was brown, and Susan and Peter were on one which was blackish-white and brown. I also fed one dog a piece of bread.  He ate it.  There was only one there. 

I really had fun feeding the Barbary Apes.  It was a thing that I’ve always wanted to do.  The apes were nice, except the one that stole Edmund’s bread. 

By Lucy of Wardrobe

(Narrated by Lucy, typed by her Mom)

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5 Responses to Feeding the Barbary Apes in Morocco

  1. Grandma says:

    Hi Lucy! That’s cool that you got to feed the monkeys. You sure do look awesome on a horse, and I really like your outfit! Thank you for writing a story about your travels. I love to hear about what you are doing. Did the monkeys talk to you? Are they smelly? Love you! Grandma

  2. Hi Claire,
    It is very sunny here but it also rained a few days. I like Turkey and I’m having lots of fun. I swim everyday and now I don’t need to use floaties anymore. Thank you for looking at my blog. Next we are going to Greece. How long is your cruise? It sounds like fun! How is school?
    Love Lucy

  3. claire says:

    Thank you for the postcards. I wish I could send you a postcard but it is too hard to know where you are. I fed ducks but they’re not the same as apes. You’re lucky that you’re on holidays it’s very snowy and cold here. Where are you going next? We are going on a Disney cruise in two weeks. I am excited to go. How hot is it there? How often does it rain there? Are you having fun? I hope you are. Good bye love Claire.

  4. Lisa says:

    I’m so glad you had fun feeding the Barbary Apes. They must have surrounded all of you knowing you had food for them 🙂

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