DeSilva the Rat Fink in Morocco

DeSilva is a Gnome-like travelling Rat Fink who stowed away in Jenn’s pack from Edmonton.  Her prankster sister Renee placed him there.  You can read the first post of DeSilva the Rat Fink’s story in DeSilva the Rat Fink Travels


Lucy and I had such a smashing good time in Morocco last November.  I stowed away in her backpack and absolutely LOVED every minute of it!

It was Rat-iculous!

One thing I did notice about Morocco is that they have an unusually large population of cats.  Yes CATS! “Beaucoup beaucoup des CHATS!” as they would say in Morocco. French is an official language there next to Arabic.  In Arabic it is  الكثير من القطط , but my rat tongue can’t quite pronounce it.

Cats were everywhere! The most troublesome ones harassed you during meals, begging for a piece of meat. Even the desert had nomad cats.

People who have cat allergies BEWARE!!  Make sure to bring enough allergy medicine with you to last you for the ENTIRE trip.  We learned that the hard way, and had to break into our Benadryl stash, which made for some groggy afternoons.

Here is a video of me trying to make friends with a curious cat at the Tangier Train Station. I don’t think this petit chat has ever met a travelling rat before!

The Moroccan ladies in the background had a nice little chuckle.  There’s nothing like a laugh to connect people!  By the end of the adventure, they were smiling and waving goodbye to us as we boarded our train to Marrakesh.

I love the way Lucy laughs in the video.  Her joy to me is PURE golden cheese!We sure had a lot of fun!

I suppose you can say it was Cat-iculous!

Desilva the Rat Fink

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4 Responses to DeSilva the Rat Fink in Morocco

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  3. nanang says:

    I love the pic Lucy, you funny girl!
    Keep on pranking! Its so funny that the rat even pranked a cat!
    See what pranks do! It spreads joy and laughter! even the people in the back laughed…so tell your dad and mom that when they remember the Dora head and blow up doll….HAHAHAHAHAHA

  4. Lisa says:

    That was good. How brave you are DeSilva! BTW … When you click on the video, it sends you off to the first photo. It only works when you click on the title of the video. Just thought to let you know 🙂

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