The Sahara Desert

I love the desert. I like the camel desert. It’s called Sahara desert. We rolled down the sand hills. It’s fun! We played outside in the sunrise when we climbed the sand mountain. We always got sand in our shoes, even our underwears. It felt nice. I felt happy because it was fun there.

Even the camel ride was fun but it’s slow. The camel was slow. We was stuck when we was on a steep hill going up, so Daddy and me had to get off (the camel). The camel only just wanted me to go on because I was not so heavy. The camel didn’t want daddy to come on because he was heavy. So when daddy was going to go on the camel again, the camel popped back up (stood up). So the guy (Sayid our Nomad guide) helped put the camel to sit down so daddy can sit on him again.

I wore my Nomad Turban in the desert because we didn’t want any sand to go in our eyes or in our mouth. Mine was a brown and a black turban. You put it on your head first, then you turn it, then push it around (your head) then let go, then you put it up, and then it’s a turban! Peter’s turban was coloured red. The girls’ were pink and mommy’s was blue and dad’s was dark blue.

I want to come back to the desert again one day and ride on my own camel when I’m bigger.
By Edmund
Narrated by Edmund  (age 4), typed by his Mom

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6 Responses to The Sahara Desert

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  3. Grandma says:

    Your Mommy takes great photos, Edmund! We love all of you… Lucy, too!

  4. Grandma says:

    Dear Edmund, now that’s a sandbox… as big as the sea! How cool is that?! I love readying your story about the desert. I hope you will get to go back to the desert someday, too. We love you! Grandma & Grandpa

    Peter, that’s a great video of you having your turban wrapped! Your guide looks gentle with you. I like that, too. We love you! G & G

  5. nanang says:

    Edmund. Great post!! It makes me want to roll in the desert and get sand in my bum. I love you! Keep on posting I love reading what you have to say!

  6. Lisa says:

    That is wonderful Edmond that you want to go back when you are older and go camel riding again. Maybe when you are older, you should also try sand boarding 🙂 And yes, you can bring your mom and dad too. I think they will enjoy sand boarding as well.

    PS. Is your dad eating too much on this trip? 😉 Just joking! 😛

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