Quadra-cycling in Rome

In Rome during the Christmas Holidays, we celebrated Boxing Day by spending a day at Villa Borghese Park. Villa Borghese Park is the largest park in Rome.

We walked around the park and found a place where you could rent quadra-cycles to ride. It was super awesome!

The quadra-cycle had two wheels on the back and two wheels on the front. It also had two steering wheels  on the front. The left steering wheel steers the bike. There were two pairs of pedals on the front and two on the back. If we pedaled fast enough, there was an automatic motor that would help us out with the pedaling when we went up hills.

You could fit three people on the front and three people on the back. We all took turns sitting in the front while dad steered. There was a place on the very front of the bike where we put our backpack, and it’s also a place where little kids can sit because there were seat buckles there.

We pedaled all over the park and saw lots of things. We pedaled to a pond with ducks swimming in it. We even saw some neat statues and Roman arches.

There were kids that were rollerblading and families walking. There were people everywhere! We also saw lots of families pedaling on their quadra-cycles.

My most favourite part was when we rode our quadra-cylces so fast down a steep hill. We were all screaming and stopped pedaling and let the bike run down by itself. I loved the feeling of the breeze on my face. It was a really nice day to spend in Rome.

By Peter of Wardrobe

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3 Responses to Quadra-cycling in Rome

  1. Mary says:

    Dear Peter, Thank you for your story about your experience quadra-cycling in Roma. It sounds like you had a fun time! It’s nice to read a story from you, too. We love you! Grandma

  2. Renee says:

    Hey Peter!

    Great post!! If you enjoyed going fast and feeling the wind on your face, I can’t wait until I can take you on the biggest, baddest roller coasters!!

    i love you!

  3. Lisa says:

    The quadra-cycle seems super fun especially going downhill! Thanks for sharing Peter!

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