What Canadian Kids Do On The Beach In The Winter

I thought I’d share a funny thing the kids did the other day. 

The sun was shining brilliantly and the 17 °C weather called us away from our homeschooling.  So we went to the beach to harvest some seashells and colourful rocks.  We had no intention of swimming because we often swim at the indoor pool at our apartment.  Besides, the water was cold for the winter.  In the summer however, the sea water could get as warm as 26°C.

I thought we’d stay for a couple of hours, so I brought my Kindle to finish reading my novel.  I must have been so absorbed in what I was reading because when I looked up, the kids were wading in the sea….

With ALL their CLOTHES ON!! 

So what else could a mother do but take a picture?

I should have made them wear their swim suits.  What was I thinking?!  The weather here in the winter is equivalent to Canada’s early summer.  Even the temperature of the sea felt as warm as Alberta’s Sylvan Lake in the summer.

Aaaaaahhh, Canadian kids.  🙂

Lesson for mom:  Don’t read your Kindle at the beach…..And make sure your Canadian kids wear their swim suits to the beach even though it’s winter in Turkey.

By Jenn

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2 Responses to What Canadian Kids Do On The Beach In The Winter

  1. Lisa says:

    Haha. Wonderful. I love how spontaneous they are!

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