Fishing in the Aegean Sea

Susan’s Fish Tale

On Sunday, February 6th we went fishing. It was a beautiful sunny day. We woke up early and walked to the beach. While we were waiting for the boat we played in the sand. We collected a few tiny seashells too. Then a boat came and docked really close to us. We could see two fishermen aboard the boat. We weren’t sure if it was ours so we asked. It was our boat! The boat was big, it had a nice big deck in the front. On the tip was a long wooden plank with rails. We all got on cautiously because we didn’t want to fall into the water.

We sailed for a little while on the clear blue waves. When you looked in you could see your reflection like it was a mirror. Finally, we got to a small natural aquarium. It was surrounded by big tall rocks the size of a small cliff. The water was as clear as your bath tubs water when you don’t touch it. 

We attached our boat to a sharp rock. The fishermen also let down the anchor. Our fishermen took out a bunch of fishing line on a small wheel. They attached three hooks and put small shrimp the size of your biggest toe nail. We fished for a little while but I didn’t catch anything. Then, we lifted up our anchor and set sail.

We sailed to an island with a few houses. The fishermen let us go off while they cooked lunch. We searched for seashells. Daddy found a starfish. We played with a cute little dog. He liked playing catch with his bone. We played on large rocks that we climbed. We found two sea urchins. But we couldn’t get them off the rocks.

The boat picked us up. We had a delicious meal of barbecued chicken, bread, sausages, and salad. We went to another place to fish. We caught two fish there. One was a weird catfish looking one. The other was a flyfish, it looked like a silver fish with long wings.

We went to another place by a beach. We waited a long time. We didn’t catch anything. It was almost time to go home now. We sailed close to the dock and dropped anchor there. I felt a whole bunch of pulls. But when I brought it up, my shrimp were missing. The fishermen hoisted up the anchor and sailed to the dock. Then, we said goodbye to our two fishermen and went home.

That night Peter gutted the fish, and the next day we ate it for supper. I really enjoyed our sea fishing trip. I hope we can go fishing again, Maybe with real fishing rods!

Peter’s Fish Tale

We went fishing on Sunday because we looked at the weather and saw that it was going to be nice.  We went early to the SAT restaurant at the end of the jetty of Calis beach.  Then our boat picked us up.  First they brought us to the natural aquarium.  The aquarium is around the opening of another small island.  The aquarium was surrounded by a wall of rocks.  The water was green and blue but you could see right through it.  In the summer time it would be a super place to swim.

I caught my only fish in the aquarium.  It was a little fish,  The fisherman helped me reel it in, but because it was small, he threw it back in the water.  We just started fishing and hoped that we would catch bigger fish, but we didn’t.

Lucy’s Fish Tale

My favourite part about fishing was that you get to catch fish.  When we got to our first place to fish, I caught a little fish, but it was too small  So we had to throw it back in. 

We stopped at a beach for lunch.  While the fishermen were cooking us lunch on the boat, we went on the beach and explored.  We found some seashells.  Daddy found a nice starfish.  The starfish was white and it was small.

After a little while, we tried the lunch the fishermen Barbecued.  They made some salad and little sausages and chicken.  It was very good!

Edmund’s Fish Tale

Guess what!  I caught my own fish!  We had some shrimps for the fish.  There’s like a hook on the fishing line.  You stick it through the shrimp on the butt and then you wait.  And then I got my fish.  We ate it!  The end!

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6 Responses to Fishing in the Aegean Sea

  1. Robbie says:

    I like the stories guys!

  2. Mary says:

    Dear Susan & Peter & Lucy & Edmund,
    I like your fish stories! They made me smile. We love you!

  3. Renee says:

    Susan & Peter- nice posts! Very descriptive! I can imagine the awesome clear water!

    Lucy & Susan – Was the starfish alive or dead? OH and I got hungry reading your posts about the food…YUMM>..did the fishermen use spices that smelt like BO?? hahahah

    Peter – you always were into cool things like gutting fish…hehehe…Did you squish the guts between your fingers?

    Edmund – You post made me laugh…heheh…shrimp butt … but if you think about it, if you ate the fish that ate the shrimp, then YOU ate shrimp butt!!!! EWWWWWWWWW

  4. Lisa says:

    It seems like you all had a wonderful fishing experience! Love the photos too!

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