Skiing in Erendağı

Written by Susan of Wardrobe

It’s winter here in Turkey, so being Canadians we love snow. We thought that since it’s so nice here right now, we could go skiing because there are so many snow-capped mountains here in Turkey. We went to the Erendağı Mountains close to the Seki village. Did you know that dağı means mountain in Turkish? There was barely anybody living in Seki because it was low season.  It felt like a ghost town. We had to stop and ask for directions a few times.  

It was a cloudy and a windy day too. Dad had rented a car for the trip. So, we started driving up the mountain. The road was dirt and kind of bumpy. There were lots of trees and bushes. As we drove higher in the mountains, there was more snow.  The whole drive took at least an hour and a half from Fethiye.

Once we arrived at the Erendağı Ski Chalet, we noticed a lot of people and their families sliding down on toboggans but no one was skiing on the hill. We went inside and had some apple tea and asked about renting skis. So after our tea, the nice men took us downstairs to help us get fitted into our skis.

It was a very small ski hill with only three runs and a T-bar lift. There were no chair lifts there, but that was ok because we were just learning to ski. We skied before in Jasper and Sun Valley back home as a family so we were looking forward to skiing. 

Peter and Lucy went on the T-bar first, followed by mom and Edmund, then me and dad. While Peter and Lucy were going up, they fell off a third of the way up the mountain. So we all got off at the same place. I went down too fast because the snow was really slippery and I crashed into a thorn-bush. Dad says that the powder was too slippery to grip the edge with our skis because the temperature was above zero. It was too warm to ski!

I had to take off my skis after I crashed into the thorn-bush because I was stuck in the thorns. It didn’t hurt though. I skied down and kind of got the hang of it. We all went up the T-bar again for the second time. Peter went first, then Mom and Edmund, followed by Dad and Lucy, and I was last. Peter fell off almost at the top of the T-bar so Mom and Edmund got off the T-bar too. So we all got off together!

Mom and Edmund wiped out because they were going too fast so we all went down to help them. Mom says she was putting all of her weight on her skis but it was really difficult to slow down with such slippery snow. It took us a long time to get down the mountain because we were all wiping out.

By the time we got down to the end of the run, the sun was covered by thick grey clouds and it got really windy and it started to rain. We were all discouraged so we decided that it was the end of our skiing in Turkey. We returned our skis and sat in the Chalet to warm up and eat lunch.

At the restaurant, we met a really nice lady named Rose. She was there with a bunch of friends from Fethiye. They were all teachers. She taught elementary kids ages 7-12 geography, history, and science. She was happy to practice her English with us.

We headed home after our meal. While we were driving down the mountain it was still raining and a rainbow appeared. It was big, colourful and clear. It cheered us up because we were disappointed about not being able to ski for a long time because of the snow and weather.

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One Response to Skiing in Erendağı

  1. Grandma says:

    Dear Susan, too warm to ski, fancy that! Snow AND a rainbow are pretty rare, here for us, yes? The tractor reminds me of Grandpa’s little tractor. Was Daddy the only one who needed ski poles? LOL We love you! Thank you for your interesting story! Blessings, Grandma

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