Turkish Hammam in Kuşadası

Edmund’s Hammam Experience (age 4)
Narrated by Edmund, typed by his Mommy

Yesterday we went at the Huhum (Hammam in Kuşadası). The guy (Hammam owner) picked us up at our hotel (Sezgin Hotel) and drove us to the Huhum. We go’d in the hot place (sauna) and we had a nice bath with bubbles. They took a pillow case and pulled the bubbles out to go on your belly and on your back. I think Marcus my cousin would like to do this. That’s all.

Peter’s Hammam Experience (8 yrs old)

On Sunday (March 13, 2011), we went to the Hammam. A Turkish Hammam is a special bath place where you go to get washed and get a massage. Our friend Deniz who works at the hotel we’re staying at hooked us up with the hammam owner. So the hammam owner picked us up and drove us to his hammam.

First we waited in the waiting room for a little while and they gave us a yummy apple and cherry Turkish tea. Then they took us to the lockers where we changed into our swimming suits. Then we went into the sauna for about 15 minutes to get warm and start sweating. Then after my mom and I went to the bath room. Inside it has 3 marble tables where they put large towels on for you to lay down on. They pour warm water on these towels. The hammam owner and his wife were there to help us. The woman helped all the girls and the man helped all the boys.

The hammam man asked me to lay down on the towel and scrubbed my legs and arms and body. Then he took a pillow case, put some blocks of soap in it then soaked it in a pail of warm water. He took the pillow case out and blew in it so it would puff up. He put it over top and squished it to let all the bubbles come out. This is called a soap massage. It felt relaxing. Then after that he washed my hair and rinsed me and I went back into the sauna, and it was my brother Edmund’s turn, followed by my dad.

While we waited, my mom and dad got an oil massage. The daughter of the hammam man gave us kids all mud facials by painting the mud on our faces with a brush. It felt sticky, cold, and like somebody painted on your face. We stayed there for 2 hours.
The hammam was not what we expected because we asked for all of us to get an oil massage but they only did our parents. Maybe they don’t massage kids? I wanted to get one, but it was still a good experience.

Lucy Hammam Experience (age 6)

The hammam was okay. My favourite part was when they had the pillow case and they put it in the bowl and they took it out and blew on the pillow case to make bubbles. The bubbles went on your body and that is what they use to clean you up. They gave us some nice apple and cherry Turkish tea again in the sauna. I felt nice and clean afterwards.

Mother’s note:

For those of you who are curious to know how much a Hammam costs, here is the breakdown: Adults cost 25 TL (about 11 Euros or $15 US for the wash) and children cost 20TL (9 Euros or $13 US). This service includes a full body exfoliation (a little painful), bubble massage bath, shampoo, and time in the sauna. The half hour full body oil massage cost us 30TL (about 14 Euros or $19 US) for both adults. Since it was low season, we were given a special family rate, and the face masks were given to us for free. Originally they said they would give each child a half hour massage for free, but perhaps they changed their mind after we ran out of time. Including tip, we paid a total of 200 TL (about $127 UD). We were there for a little over 2 hours, with pick-up and drop off from our hotel as a complimentary service.

During the high season, costs at this particular Hammam are: 15 Euros for a bubble massage bath, 15 Euros for an oil massage, and 5 Euros for a face mask. If we would have gone to this particular hammam during the summer, we would have paid 150 Euros (or $210 US) for all six of us. However, during high season, they also have a hot tub running for the guests to soak in along with the sauna.

While we lived in Fethiye, we heard that hammams there cost only 10TL (what the locals paid anyway), which is half the cost of what we paid in comparison. All in all, a good experience for a reasonable price.  When we compare that to the spas back home in Edmonton (Spasation for example), service like this would probably cost upwards to at least $100 CAD per person, and that’s without the complimentary pick-up and drop off from your home/hotel. 

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4 Responses to Turkish Hammam in Kuşadası

  1. Terry Marinez - Macpherson says:

    what a relaxing day or moments for all of you!!!!

  2. Grandma says:

    Oh you look so beautiful… and squeaky clean! Love your stories. Good for Mommy and Daddy – a treat for them, too. Thinking of all of you, lots of love, Grandma

  3. Lisa says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I can’t believe they let you take some pics in there!

  4. Beatriz says:

    Greetings I located your site by mistake when i searched AOL for this matter, I need to say your blog is quite valuable I also like the style, its amazing!

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