Visiting a Turkish Barber

Peter’s Barber Story

It’s been 2 months since I got my last haircut. My dad, brother and I needed one bad. So Deniz our friend hooked us up with a Turkish Barber. They’re called Berber here in Turkey.

So after breakfast we went to the Berber Shop. It was a small room with three haircutting chairs and two berbers were working. After the last customer left, I was next for my haircut.

Our Berber’s name was Aydin Filiz. He’s a pro! He cut my hair really short then shampooed it, then he spiked it. I think it was the best haircut I ever got!

Then it was my brother Edmund’s turn. He got the same haircut as me. He looked cute. Then it was Dad’s turn. He got the same haircut as me too! He also got a shave, which was new to him because it was the first time he had someone shave him. He always shaves himself. Dad says it takes a lot of trust to let someone else shave you with a blade next to your jugular.

After his shave, he got a mud mask to make him beautiful. Then he got his ear hair singed. The Berber took a metal handle with a cotton ball on the end like a Q-tip, lit it on fire, then tapped it on his ears. Dad said it felt nice and warm. The Berber trimmed his nose hairs too.

Can you believe it only cost 22 Turkish Liras for all of that in total? Dad gave him a tip so it cost us 25 TL ($15.58 CAD) for 3 haircuts with shampoos, and a shave, mask, ear hair singe and nose haircut for Dad.

I think it was a pretty good experience, especially because it was in Turkey.

Written by Peter of Wardrobe

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3 Responses to Visiting a Turkish Barber

  1. Grandma says:

    Great pictures of an interesting experience! Thanks for your stories. Love you all!

  2. Lisa says:

    Awesome! Look at you handsome boys! Nice haircuts. When is it the girls’turn? I, too, am in need of one and cannot bring myself to trust anyone in Germany to try it yet 😉

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