DeSilva the Rat Fink Travelling Update

DeSilva is a Gnome-like travelling Rat Fink who stowed away in Jenn’s pack from Edmonton.  Her prankster sister Renee placed him there.  You can read the first post of DeSilva the Rat Fink’s story in DeSilva the Rat Fink Travels

Hello Friends,

DeSilva the Rat Fink here. I just wanted to share some more photos of my travels with the Smeenk Family. Last December we spent our Christmas Holidays in Roma, Italia. I was fortunate enough to visit the Roman Colosseum with the clan. We sure learned a lot about the Roman Empire and Gladiators. It is incredible how travel can bring history to life! There’s so much more scope for the imagination learning all about the Colosseum when you find yourself standing right where ancient gladiators used to fight.

Roman Colosseum, Rome, Italy

People sure get a kick out of seeing me when I pose for my pics. They all share the same facial expression -a mixture of surprise, curiosity and fear. When they realize I am only a plastic travelling rat gnome the fear is replaced by a smile. Although, I can read minds and I know what they are thinking…Why pick a black scary looking Rat as your travelling gnome? I’m not even photogenic!

But seriously, how many Rats do you know have travelled the world with the Smeenk Rat Pack? I only know of one….Moi!

I just want to thank my good friend Susan of Wardrobe for acting as my official Photographer. She is not only a budding archeologist, writer and poet, but also a budding photographer. Check out some of her cool shots below!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See what I mean? She can even make me look GOOD! Now that is talent!

We spent three months in Turkey resting and enjoying the sights. I think Turkey is my favourite out of all the places we’ve visited so far. I read on the internet that rats originated in Asia Minor. Maybe that is why I liked it there so much. Not only were the people so friendly, but it truly felt like home.

Goreme Panorama, Cappadocia, Turkey

Here are more Rat Fun Facts:

-Ancient Romans considered the rat as a sign of good luck.

-Ancient Egyptians and Mayans worshipped rats. In India, there is a rat temple where people worship rats today.

-The 1st of the 12 animal symbols in the Chinese Zodiac is that of a rat.

-Rats are highly intelligent animals, are extremely adaptable, and have an acute sense of smell.

Which leads me to a happy conclusion. I would rather be a rat!

Wishing you all a Rat-iculous Day!

DeSilva the Rat Fink

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