Lots of Doggies in Turkey

By Edmund of Wardobe

When we go’d (lived) in Turkey, I saw lots of doggies. There’s lots of doggies because they lost their families and they have no homes. They are stray dogs. They don’t have leashes, but they nice and they friendly. They not so nice here in Italy, they bark at you and you can’t pet them. But the doggies in Turkey are so loving. I like to pet them and feed them. When we are walking outside and we don’t have any food for them, I feel sad.

I saw white dogs, black dogs and some brown. There’s some big dogs and some small dogs. I love them! They are cute! I like to pet them and play with them and hug them. They so friendly and I love to pet them, and they won’t scratch or bite you when you’re petting them.

Waggy at our Cave Hotel in Goreme

At the cave hotel we met Waggy. Susan named him Waggy. I think Marcus and Auntie Jennie maybe will say, “Who’s Waggy?” Waggy is a little cute doggy and he has a waggy tail. He has a cute, cute eyes and he’s brown. We feeded him and we gave him milk and he slept in our cave room because it was too cold and our house was warm. I was sad when I had to say good-bye. I think he was sad too. I think somebody else is going to feed him now.

Puppies at Urgup Balloons

There was little doggies when we was having Hot Ballooning. They were cute! There were 4 doggies and their big mom.

I wish I had a dog. Mommy said I will when I get older. I want a white and a black doggy.

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4 Responses to Lots of Doggies in Turkey

  1. Robbie says:

    I just love reading Edmund’s posts, they’re so funny!!!!

  2. Grandma says:

    Hi Edmund, I like your story about the dogs you met. In the photos, your eyes sparkle when you meet these little critters. They love you, too! We love you and look forward to when you come to the farm. Hugs, Grandma P.S. I hope you meet more doggys on your travels.

  3. Lisa says:

    Awww. I love dogs too. I hope they all find good homes. It was nice of you and your family to take care of Waggy. I am sure he was happy that you did 🙂

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