Visions of Venice

Written by Jenn

Aaaaaaaah Venice…..

Also known as Venezia…..The City built on Water….The City of Canals…..The City of Bridges…..The City of Masks……A City of Romance…..A City of History.

Venice is known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and also one of the most romantic. Need I say more?

If I could describe Venice in one word, it would be Enchanting.

We spent an enchanting week in Venice which I would like to share with you in photojournal style.


We took the 3.5 hour train from Milan to Venice.

Since I was a child, it has been my dream to visit Venice. I longed to wander through the sidewalks, cross its romantic bridges, and ride with a loved one in a gondola. So really, this trip was for me, to realize a dream. Everything else we did was just icing on the cake.

Here is our first view of Venice after arriving at the train station.

We arrived at Villa Delle Palme on Lido di Venezia. Lido was cheaper and more quiet than the touristy part of Venice, and just a water bus away!

We decided to stay in Venice’s Lido Island, which was a relaxing water bus away Venice proper. Not only was it cheaper for us (everything on Venice Island is expensive, particularly accomodations), but it was a welcomed escape from the overwhelming noise and crowds of tourists. Lido also had a lovely beach facing the Adriatic sea, and an impressive number of bikes which brought delight to the kids. We spent a couple afternoons lounging on the beach and riding a quadracycle there. Brian loved Lido so much that he could envision living there for a few months.

We also visited the nearby islands of Murano and Burano. Murano is worldy renowned for its famous Venetian Glass, and we were fortunate enough to witness a glass blowing demonstration. Burano was a breathtaking island well-known for its lace and its brightly coloured homes (more posts to come).

Lido is part of Venice, has a nice beach on the Adriatic sea, and has LOTS of bicycles! We rode a quadracycle in Lido as well and loved the bike paths! Lido is also where the Venice International Film Festival is held.

An odd thing happened in Venice. There were many Asian tourists who wanted a pic of themselves with our kids!

Gorgeous San Marco Basilica

My baby wearing a beautiful mask, eating a lovely gelato, and riding in a gondola on the Grand Canal.

Venice's Grand Canal

We probably walked 80% of Venice Island. Loved wandering through the streets and bridges and getting lost together.

Two nuns who stopped us to say hello. They were so happy to see the 4 kids. Asked us in Italian if they were all ours and if any of them were twins...When we answered, they reacted positively but all I could understand was bravissima.

A newly wed couple having their photo shoot with the pigeons in San Marco square.

Dreamy, yes?

Gondola Traffic

A stunning Venetian Sunset.

 Below are more pictures of my favourite shots in a slide show. Enjoy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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