A Gondola Ride in Venice

By Lucy of Wardrobe

When we were in Venice, we went on a Gondola ride. Venice is special because they use no cars or bikes, because they don’t have any roads. They have streets of water called water canals. Mommy and Daddy wanted to know what it feels like to ride in a gondola, and so Mom and Dad decided that we would go on a gondola. It was one of Mommy’s dreams come true.

A Gondola ride is when you go on this really nice black boat and then you have to pay the gondolier to row the boat. It cost $100 Euros. I think it’s expensive!

Before we went on the boat, we found a little store close to the water that sold souvenirs, and there was lots of masks. There were masks that were all different kinds of colours and designs. Mommy and Daddy got a mask for Susan, Peter, Edmund and me. Mine was purple with a big feather in the middle. Susan’s was pink and had a feather on top too. Peter’s was red, gold, and black. Edmund’s was black, blue, white, and gold.

After, we started walking around Venice with our masks on. I think lots of people liked it because some people asked to take pictures with us, and whenever we would walk past people they would smile at us.

When we were crossing a bridge, we saw a person dressed up in a black and white striped shirt and black pants, and a straw hat with black ribbon around it. Nicolo was his name and came up to Daddy and asked if we wanted to go on a gondola ride. Daddy asked how much was it. Nicolo said it was 120 Euros and Daddy asked if he could lower the price and Nicolo changed it to 100 Euros. Daddy said, “OK.”

We went to Nicolo’s gondola, and it was a long black boat and it had golden small horses on it that were like statues that could fit on the sides. It had nice seats, and on the top there was a nice axe, but it wasn’t really sharp, only for decoration.

Nicolo steered us with a long wooden paddle that touched the ground of the water. And so we started moving. When we were starting to move, we were so close to the water and it was like we were sinking. Nicolo took us to the Grand Canal Water Street and we went under the famous Rialto Bridge.

When we went on the ride, I liked it. It was a neat experience ’cause I got to go on a boat that was special, and it was the only city that used boats and had streets of water.

After, when we got off the gondola ride, we walked a little bit around Venice, and then we went back to Lido.

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One Response to A Gondola Ride in Venice

  1. Grandma says:

    Dear Lucy,
    If I saw you in the street in Venice, I would smile and want a photo with you, too! I like your purple mask and your smile. Thank you for the story about venice’s canal/water way. When I was a young girl, I dreamed of going to Venice one day, so you have fulfilled one of my dreams, too. I’m happy for you. Looking forward to skyping with you very soon, with much love, Grandma.

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