Murano Glass

Written by Susan of Wardrobe

Murano is one of theVenetian Islands and is where they make the world famous Venetian glass. We wanted to visit the Island to see a demonstration on how they make the Murano glass. So we decided to take a field trip to Murano and caught a waterbus from Lido.        

When we got there I was amazed by all the shops, because in every single shop there was Murano glass. Murano glass just isn’t like any other glass. It’s special because each one is different. It could be the same shape but a different colour. It could be the same colour but a different shape. There were necklaces, bracelets, house decorations, and lamps. My favourites were the chandeliers. They were so intricate and delicate. I couldn’t believe that all the glass was made by hand. It was like glass art!

When we arrived, we began by exploring the Island and walked along the water for a while. We asked some glass factories if we could see a demonstration of how the glass was made, but they said that there wasn’t any demonstrations that were going at that time. So we started to walk back towards the place we came from. I was starting to get hungry and soon realized it was lunch time. We decided to sit down by the water and eat our sandwiches that we had bought from the grocery store earlier that morning.

After lunch we decided to check out the other side of the Island of Murano. While we were walking we saw a sign that pointed to a glass demonstration. So we went to check it out. They said there was one starting in a few minutes. We felt lucky that we were able to catch the last demonstration of the day. The entrance into the factory was magnificent! Glass roses of every bright colour you can think of surrounded the doorway.

Inside the factory we sat on benches to watch the demonstration. Two men came in and took long metal tubes out of a tall basket. They both went over to two glass ovens. They stuck the tubes in the fire and when they took it out there were big gobs of melted glass.  We learned that the temperature of the fire in the oven was 900°C. 

One of the men took tweezers and cut the glass. He even blew into the tube to make the inside of it hollow. He worked on the glass, pulling it with the tweezers, shaping it into a horse. When he was finished the man stood the horse on its hind legs.   It was magnificent. He had such skill and talent! It didn’t even take him 5 minutes to make it! The glass man put it on a wooden plate and showed it to us. He even let us put our hands over it to see how hot it was. He said it was 600°C. Then he put it in an oven to keep it warm.

It was neat to see how Murano glass was made. It was an experience I’ll never forget.

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