Lucy turns 7 in Montpellier

Written by Jenn

My precious girl turned seven today. She told us this morning that she had been waiting a long time to turn seven. 🙂

We celebrated with an outing to Montpellier Centre Ville and Odysseum, and ate a long, late lunch at one of France’s popular family chain restaurants Hippopotamus.  It was a scorching 22°C with the blinding sun browning our skin.

We arrived home late from a full day of adventures with a scrumptious strawberry shortcake and candles. After supper, Daddy suggested we go around the table and say what we loved about our dear Lucy.

This is what was expressed:

Daddy said that she was his sweetheart, had the softest hands, which he liked to hold when they walked together; that she was kind, a good artist and brings so much to our family.

Edmund said “She’s the best sister I’ve ever had!” We burst out laughing and asked him, “What about Susan?” To which he quickly corrected with, “Susan and Lucy are the best sisters I’ve ever had!” We all laughed out loud again with that.

Peter said, “She’s the best behaved out of all of us. She shares the best, listens the best, and is good at drawing.”

Susan said Lucy was the best sister in the world, was glad to have a sister, and that Lucy was a really good artist.

Mommy agreed with what everyone said about Lucy and added that she was so blessed to have such a precious, thoughtful daughter who was always asking if she could help with anything; that she was a sweet sensitive little lady who is going to grow up to be someone who will help change the world for the better…and prays that Lucy continue to grow up to be happy, healthy, and good.

Lucy was so touched and close to tears, and expressed how much she loved being a part of our family and that she loved us.

I cannot express enough the magic of what children bring into the world -the love, the laughter, the hope. Our little Lucy has brought so much joy, art, and beauty in our lives.

Happy 7th Birthday to our Precious Girl!

Below is a slide show of our Birthday Girl since she was a year old, and many photos of her during our recent travels. During these past seven months, she has lost 2 teeth (one front tooth in Spain and the other in Turkey), visited 7 countries, and swam in the Mediterranean, Aegean, Adriatic, and Ligurian seas. She is a very lucky girl for her age!…And you what? She knows it, and is very thankful for her life. She is a grateful girl, and verbalizes it often. She knows that it is a privilege to travel, and is very thankful for it. She can say thank you in 6 different languages -English, Spanish , Italian, Turkish, Arabic, and French.

Lucy also recently learned to ride a 2 wheeler on a glorious Palm Sunday in Sestri Levante, Italy. There is a video of her riding her bike below.

We thank God for our Lucy!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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2 Responses to Lucy turns 7 in Montpellier

  1. claire says:

    Happy Birthday Lucy….you’re 7 and you can ride a 2 wheeler, good for you. I turn 7 in September and I can’t ride a 2 wheeler yet. Maybe I’ll learn this summer. When are you coming home because I want to have a playdate with you.
    Your friend Claire

  2. Lisa says:

    Happy Birthday Lucy! I love your spunkiness and kind heart 🙂 What a beautiful article. Great idea of adding photos of how much she has grown during the trip.

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