Colours of Burano

Written by Jenn

It was by chance that we arrived on the island of Burano. After a full day exploring Venice, we decided last minute to take the water bus headed to Burano instead of heading home to our hotel on Lido Island. We heard from a few people in passing that Burano was a neat island to visit because of its colourful houses and handmade lace.

It was certainly a sight to enjoy as we walked leisurely along Burano’s sidewalks. We were surprised by the picture of the unusual technicoloured homes. The brightness of their colours diffused slightly in the late afternoon’s light.  It was as if we stepped into a cartoon set, almost expecting to turn into cartoon characters ourselves.

We stopped for supper at a family run café-restaurant and enjoyed a feast of quattro fromaggi and capriciosa pizzas, washed down by a large glass bottle of water and cappucinos for the adults. Then we walked slowly from one store to another to admire the fine lace work on scarves and linens created by the locals. Yet, it was the rainbow paintings of Burano which caught the delight of our eyes, especially Lucy’s as she studied them carefully.

The chill of the evening reminded us that the last water bus was to arrive to take us home, and we meandered our way back to catch it. The highlight of the evening was sitting on the bench under the trees visiting with an Australian family as we waited half an hour for our water bus to arrive. Mark and Christina were their names, and they were on a 5 week European tour with their three children. Their youngest was 4, and their eldest was 18 and was set to go away to College in September. So they decided to take some time away together as a family. Our kids played hide and seek with James, their youngest child.

Sadly, we weren’t able to exchange contact information because we were unexpectedly called away to help Lucy search for her lost purse which she “hid” in the tall grass. It got a little hectic because we were all rummaging through the grass for her little purse while the water buses docked. Brian found it in the nick of time, just as they were closing the gate of the boats. As the six of us ran like bandits towards the buses, Mark held the gate for us, but we discovered that split second that we belonged in the other bus headed to Lido island while they were boarded on the bus headed back to Venice.

Thus is the colourful life of a traveller. On the journey, you’ll meet some souls who will become life long friends. Some encounters will open doors to travelling together for a while, before saying good bye. Then some encounters, like with this Australian family, you’ll share a moment, then bid each other farewell.

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2 Responses to Colours of Burano

  1. Grandma says:

    Travels… and colorful… was Lucy being inspired by this vibrant art… so looking forward to seeing you. Love you!

  2. Lisa says:

    Ah the wonderfullness of travelling … at times it feels like your on Amazing Race. Thanks for sharing. The last paragraph esp. hits home for me. See you soon!

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