Message in a Bottle on Lido Island

By Peter of Wardrobe 

We spent a week on Lido Island. Lido Island is a long island protecting Venice from the Adriatic sea. Unlike Venice, Lido has roads, cars and lots of bikes. The reason we stayed on Lido was because it was cheaper for us to stay there instead of Venice.

On Lido we went to the beach and played with seaweed. I found a bottle that washed up on the beach and had a note in it. It was rolled up inside the bottle and was really wet still so we had to let it dry in the sun. After we let it dry in the sun, we unrolled it and it had Chinese characters on it, or maybe Japanese, I don’t know. So we didn’t know what it said. It was pretty cool that we actually found a bottle with a note inside it that we couldn’t read.

 While we were playing, dad took a nap on the rocks. How can you sleep on a rock? It was pretty funny so Susan and I took lots of pictures of Dad sleeping. He said he was really tired from lots of travelling.

Lucy and Edmund collected some seashells and Susan and I made a sand castle. We swam in the water too. The water was cold but fun. There weren’t very many people on the beach that day so we got the beach to ourselves.



On another day we went for a ride on a quadracycle around Lido island. Me and mom sat on the back, Susan and Dad sat in the front and Lucy and Edmund sat in the very front. Dad steered the bike, and we all helped pedal. The bike paths were awesome. We had a lot of fun. We went and biked to a park and played there for a little while. Then we biked to the beach. We biked around Lido Island. Then we returned the bike.

We had a good time on Lido. Dad says that it’s a nice place and he could see us living there.

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One Response to Message in a Bottle on Lido Island

  1. Grandma says:

    Thank you, Peter, for your great story! Grandma laughed when you showed us the photos of Daddy sleeping on the rocks… Daddy must have been very, very tired! And Edmund’s tonsils… beside the big dog… LOL! Can’t wait to see you soon, Peter! Love, Grandma.

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