Edmund turns 5 in Edmonton!

Written by Jenn

My baby turned 5 today! We celebrated with brunch and games at Chuck E Cheese’s with our cousins and friends in Edmonton, followed by a family dinner in the evening, complete with a delectable homemade carrot cake baked by my sister.

We’ve been back in Canada for 2 weeks now. We left the thrill of Paris (more posts to come) and flew home to visit for 2 months, as we have much business to attend to here, health and dental appointments to make, loved ones to visit, and a homeschool visit with our facilitator to wrap up before we fly back to France in August.

During our first week back, we pretty much spent it getting over jet lag, travel exhaustion, and a stomach bug we caught upon our return.

But it’s been good to be back home. We are savouring the familiar and appreciating the things we’ve taken for granted -like understanding what is being spoken around us because there are no language barriers, or knowing exactly where we’re going without asking for directions.

We’ve been gradually filling our time here with many mini-reunions of family and friends. It’s been so good to be back with the people we love!

Today I am thanking God for the little charming sanguine who entered our lives to complete our family five years ago. Edmund has been the amusing entertainer in our family. His made up songs and crazy dancing bring so much laughter, joy, and movement into our lives; and his sensitivity and love for animals (especially dogs) have made us more aware of the little creatures around us.

Edmund’s charismatic mischievous ways has enriched our family life and we can’t imagine our life without him!

So today we shower birthday blessings on our “baby” boy and celebrate his 5 years of life!

Happy 5th Birthday Edmund!

Below is a slideshow of our favourite pictures of Edmund as a baby and world traveler.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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