Celebrating Susan’s 10th Birthday

Written by Jenn

“When the first baby laughed for the first time, the laugh broke into a thousand pieces and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies.” ~James Matthew Barrie

We celebrated Susan’s 10th Birthday a couple of days ago. She was so looking forward to turning double digits! We celebrated her birthday as a family by going to the cheap movies to watch Mars Needs Moms in 3D and had a little family gathering at my sister’s house for supper. Ninang (Godmother in Filipino) Renee made her a delicious carrot parfait cake.

Susan with Lucy, Ninang Renee, Auntie Marivic and the baby girls

The next day we celebrated with a best friends dinner and a movie -her best friends being Lucy her sister, and her two BFFs from her old school, and me of course (when she was younger she told me often that I was one of her best friends). We enjoyed a lovely dinner in the warm ambiance of Moxies while the cold Edmonton rain drizzled outside. After dinner, we walked to the theatres to watch the newly released movie Judy Moody: The NOT Bummer Summer. The girls enjoyed the movie, and they started talking about the fun things they could do together during the summer.

I enjoyed listening to the girls talk in the van as we drove. They chattered and laughed and enjoyed each other’s company, the tween curiosity and enthusiasm warming my heart. I couldn’t help myself from contemplating nostalgically how quickly time had passed (10 years!!) with my firstborn.

There is something so special with firstborns. Experiencing all their firsts with them seems to elevate even the ordinary firsts to monumental and noteworthy. The awe, fascination, and love I experienced when I felt my firstborn stir in my womb for the first time is etched in the sacred part of my memory. That was the moment I fell in love with her…before I even met her.

My first experience of the miracle of childbirth was with her. I embraced the divine when the doctor placed her on my chest, and she took her first breath in my hands.

She was the first child to call me mom. The first child to steal my heart with her first cry, first smile, first word, first song, first step. The first child to intimately witness to me the beauty of innocence with every developmental phase she has gone through –infant, toddler, preschool, childhood, and now tween.

God couldn’t have chosen anyone better to be my firstborn. I don’t only love her, but I like her. I like the person she is and the one she is growing up to be. I am proud of her brilliance, her heart, her beauty and her goodness. I love that she is growing more and more responsible and capable every day.

My phlegmatic, easy-going, bookworm and writer of a girl has grown so much this past year. I’ve noticed her grow taller, and watched her grow closer to her siblings, especially Lucy. I’ve seen a change in her and others have noticed it too. Our family travel time away has given her the solitude of reflection, and a silent confidence –a sense of self, which I haven’t seen before. I am blessed to call her Daughter.

Happy 10th Birthday to my Girl!

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4 Responses to Celebrating Susan’s 10th Birthday

  1. Irma Ardian says:

    happy belated day..just read your blog..Like it..
    when you will visit Indonesia ?, warm regards from indonesia

    • Hi Irma,
      So good to meet you here, and thank you for leaving a comment! We plan to go to Indonesia in a couple of years. We want the kids to be a little older to backpack through SE Asia and India.
      All the best,

  2. Tobias says:

    Congrats to the big girl from Sweden!
    I have a 11yrs (soon) girl myself, and the way you write and describe your thoughts and how Susan has grown during your traveling year is just wonderful and very touching. Thanks for sharing!

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