The Best Place in Canada

Written by Jenn

If you ask our children where the best place in Canada is, they’ll tell you emphatically that it’s the Smeenk Farm. Grandma and Grandpa’s Farm. On our travels, it’s been the one place our children missed the most. The one place they would get excited talking about when planning what they would do when they returned home to Canada.

Our kids have proclaimed the farm to be better than Disney World.

We’ve been at the farm for a little over a week now. I’ve watched the children comfortably change from city kids to farm kids, and can appreciate their love for this place.

This past week, our children have driven the Gator countless times around the farm.

Gardened with Grandpa and Auntie Jennie.

Picked wildflowers (and some weeds).

Enjoyed paper crafts with Grandma.

Sloshed around in the mud and rain with their rain boots.

Played with their older cousins.

Learned how to use power tools to build Bailey’s doghouse.

Added to the tree house they started building last summer.

Peter learned how to cut the grass with his Dad, which took a couple of hours.

There is something magical about the farm.

The farm is a rich place where childhood memories are cultivated.

Where the northern prairie sky meets a sea of unending fields on the horizon.

Where dreams and confidence are nourished like the quiet swaying grains of the wheat and canola fields.

The farm is our retreat from all the craziness of the world.

Learning flourishes on the fertile earth of this vast Albertan landscape.

Peace grows as dense as the wood.

Silence is a welcomed friend, bringing rest from the busyness of life.

The farm is where Grandma and Grandpa live.

Their love is a shelter as secure and beautiful as the walls of their home.

A life which took years to create with love, fidelity, and honest work.

They’ve created a life for us to examine and be inspired by.

The farm has become a part of us.

It is our little piece of heaven on earth.

“Earth’s crammed with heaven and every common bush afire with God”  Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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