A Guest Post Feature with Minimalist Mom

Dear Friends,

Summer has been gorgeous here in Western Canada. We just returned home from a week adventure from Vancouver. We drove there last week primarily for our French Long Stay Visa Applications Interview (which we hope to be getting in the mail next week). It was a little anticlimactic for us, as we were expecting a real interview. We sat there for a good 2 hours waiting for a lady to look through our papers. After some time, we were called to have our photos taken and fingerprints recorded (a new biometric visa thing) and paid $138/person (gulp) for the application. The anxiety ridden part was that the lady couldn’t tell us for sure if we got it or not. She said that we would only find out when we got our passports back in the self addressed envelope we supplied for her. I am hoping NOT to be disappointed.

We actually made the excursion a family vacation. We travelled with my sister and brother and their families, staying with my brother-in-law’s brother and his family, and had a whopping good time. Travelling with my siblings is such a blessing. I love them! On our way home to Edmonton, we drove along the Okanagan to play in the water. I’ll just have to write up a post with beautiful pictures soon.

Today I wanted to share with you a guest post I wrote for Minimalist Mom – Rachel Jonat. She’s a Canadian from Vancouver who chose to live a Minimalist car-free life almost 2 years ago in order to live a richer life. This summer she and her husband and toddler moved to the Isle of Man to live and work there for a year. Her story is pretty impressive. Rachel has documented her journey with her minimalist lifestyle, including their 83% pay down of debt. Reading her articles has been encouraging for me, especially her 3 part series of getting over the want. Rachel stumbled upon our blog while we were travelling through Italy and asked me to write two guest posts for her, and I was very honoured to do so!

So check it out by clicking on the Minimalist Mom Image below!

I hope you enjoy it, and please, let me know what you think in the comments below.

Thank You Rachel for the opportunity to share our journey with you
and your readers!


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