BC with Cousins!!

On behalf of our family, we’d like to welcome all the new readers to our blog and send you each a warm welcome. I hope we can all journey together, and hope you can introduce yourselves to us in the comments below. We’d love to get to know you! ~ Jenn

Narrated by Lucy (7 yrs old), Typed by Mommy

We spent a week in Vancouver with our cousins. We needed to get our French visas cause we’re moving to France and our little cousins wanted to come with us. So I went with my Mom and Dad in the van, and Peter and Susan went with me too; and my Ninang (Godmother/Mommy’s sister) rode with us with my 2 baby cousins Gaby and Anji. Uncle Alan (Ninang’s Husband) didn’t come with us cause he needed to write his Thesis to become a doctor. Edmund rode with the Nicolas family – Uncle Reggie (Mommy’s brother), Ninang Marivic, and our three little cousins Marcus, Christian, and Caitlyn.

It took us 2 days (to drive) from Edmonton to Vancouver. We camped for 1 night (in Golden, BC). We liked walking to the park nearby to our tent there. At night in the tent, Ninang told us scary stories. When it started, it was a little bit scary, but when it was about to finish, it was really funny!

When we got to Vancouver, we stayed with Auntie Priya and Uncle Darryl and their little baby Lily. She’s so cute! We stayed with them for 5 nights.

Vancouver is a really nice city. We might even live there one day. We went to the Spanish Bank and played on the beach at sunset. It was nice in the sunset but the water was really dirty. It looked like a black liquid. I wanted to put my feet in it but changed my mind because it was too dirty. Too bad.

And then we went to Granville Island one day. We fed a little bit of seeds from the ground to the duckies and geese and chased the birds; and we went inside a Children’s Market which had lots of toys. It passed Susan’s Birthday but Mommy got her a nice mood ring for her birthday gift. And we even got on our swimming suits and went to play in the spray park because there was a spray park there. I liked to play in the water, but my little cousin Gaby got shocked in the water because it was too cold. But my little cousin Anjali liked playing in the water – she liked that little stream of water where all the water flooded into the river, and she actually enjoyed it. And we even climbed trees when we were there. But only Susan, Peter, and Edmund. Not me. They also rolled down the hill, but I didn’t either, because I just didn’t feel like it. I just watched them.

We liked going for walks. One night we went out for all you can eat sushi. We had so much food and wished Uncle Alan was there to help us eat it cause we were all stuffed.

On our way home (to Edmonton) we drove through the Okanagan. And when we were there, there was a little store close by where we bought cherries, jellie beans, and a blueberry pie. We even went to a bakery and we bought yummy long johns with whipped cream in the middle. We ate it at the lake. And that’s when we fed the geese.

We went to a park that was really, really, really fun! And we got to swim in the Okanagan Lake with the ducks. It was really fun cause there was this rope that is like a zip-line for kids, in the park. When we went in the water, we fed the geese. There was lots of them. My cousin Anjali loved playing in the water!

In Kelowna, we slept in a hotel. We went swimming at the hotel cause there was a little swimming pool and a hot tub. We had SO much fun! We only stayed there one night. The next day we took a whole day to get to Edmonton, and got home at night-time.

It was a really nice time with all my cousins! I love them.

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6 Responses to BC with Cousins!!

  1. Irma Ardian says:

    hi Jen..
    I’m Irma from Indonesia..I just married and not have a baby yet..
    Your blog inspire us to traveling around the world..maybe we will start with travel around Indonesia, which have much beautifull island..
    thanks..Happy travelling, take care yaa

    • Hi Irma,
      Thank you for your comment! Travelling around Indonesia sounds wonderful! My husband and I loved South East Asia, but sadly didn’t get a chance to go to Indonesia. Wishing you weel,

  2. Michelle says:

    What a great post! I have just joined your blog after seeing the guest posts on Minimalist Mom. My family of 4 is currently saving to take a year off and go around the world. We are selling our house for something smaller to help our savings. We love reading about other families that are doing the same thing.
    Safe travels! Michelle in B.C

  3. hoorayrenee says:

    Lucy, I loved reading all the details in your post. What a good writer you are!

    Our family is traveling now, but before that we lived in Vancouver. I used to take my dog, Archie, to Spanish Banks when the tide was low so he could run around off leash. Now we’re at a campground in Italy, which is also nice, but there’s nowhere for Archie to run around.

    I’m glad you got a chance to play in the water park and visit the kids market at Granville Island. My daughter and I used to go there a lot.

    Happy travels to you and your family. 🙂

    • Hi Renee,
      Thanks for your comment. We loved Vancouver and can see ourselves living there one day. How are you liking RV life in Europe? We’d love to do that one day. We are flying to France in August for the year. Hopefully our trails will cross.

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