A Look Back: My 7 Links

Written by Jenn

We began blogging 9 months ago since hitting the road October 24th, 2010. Since then, we’ve experienced some incredible firsts and dreams-come-true as a family. Corinne from Have Baby Will Travel tagged me to participate in Tripbase’s 7 Links Project  which invited bloggers to share a compilation of “long but not forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again”. It sounded like fun and a wonderful opportunity to reminisce over the past year of travel as a family.

Most Beautiful Post

A Sunset Run Along The Turquoise Coast

I enjoyed writing this post. Running has always been such a spiritual experience for me. It is a time I gift myself with quiet and reflection. Pair this with the surprise which Turkey gave me – the discovery of its landscape and people oozing with a tangible spirituality. Beautiful!

Running = Poetry = Prayer

Most Popular Post

Goodbye-House, Hello World!

By far the most popular post which describes our motivation to live a life our hearts yearned for. It was a powerful learning experience for us to sell our home and our things; but worth all the work to keep our eyes on what really matters most. Our family is our home. Where ever we are together, we’re home in the world.

Most Controversial Post

The Bullfight

This post was written by Brian and was one of the first five posts we published on our blog. The post itself wasn’t really controversial, but the topic of having our children watch a bullfight was a concern among our family. Because of the gory animal cruelty, my brother warned against not seeing it, and most importantly with kids in tow. We decided to go anyway because we probably wouldn’t have another chance to see an authentic bullfight, as Spain was beginning to make it law that no bulls be harmed. Spain had just celebrated 225 years of bullfighting as an art and sport. I must admit, it was difficult but equally fascinating to watch.

Most Helpful Post

Homeschooling So Far

This is one of my favourite posts. I received such positive emails from friends and fellow homeschooling moms expressing their appreciation for sharing my experience (and uncertainties) as a new homeschooling mom.

Education is more than exams and rote memorization. Education is a lifelong journey. We must live our education.

Most Surprisingly Successful Post

The Sahara Desert

Narrated by Edmund (typed by me), this post surprised us when it received such popular and affectionate response from family and friends. It also got one of the highest views on our blog.

We have our children narrate/write their experiences to encapsulate their memories at their current age and phase in life. It’s important to us to have our children’s memories preserved for their future children and grandchildren. Edmund’s (then) 4 yr old voice was captured beautifully, and his memory of the Sahara desert preserved forever.  I look forward to reading Edmund’s post with him when he’s much older.

The Post which didn’t get the Attention it  Deserved

Our First Day in Morocco

I enjoyed working hard on writing this and was slightly disappointed with its lack of response. As a family, we experienced a love/hate relationship with Morocco. Out of all the countries we visited so far, it’s been the most challenging to travel in. Ironically, Morocco has given us the richest cultural experience. I have yet to write the rest of our experiences throughout Morocco.

The Post I am Most Proud of

Kayakoy Spirits

There’s something about this post which touches me when ever I read it. Perhaps it is the evocative afternoon prayer heard from our youtube video. I like listening to it while I read this post.

This post conjures in me such a beautiful memory of not only the ghost town of Kayakoy, but Turkey itself.

So that ends my contribution to the 7 Links Project. It’s time to tag my fellow bloggers.

I nominate:

Rachel from Minimalist Mom

Beth from Passion into Action

Lisa from Through the Lens

Sherene from The Brûlée Blog

Hugh from The Passionate Warrior

John from The Big Mozey

I look forward to reading your posts. Enjoy!

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2 Responses to A Look Back: My 7 Links

  1. Great blogging all around – thank you! I have enjoyed reading your stories. Like others, I found out about your family adventures through Minimalist Mom. A few months back I started a minimalist blog (from the perspective of a self employed person) and it is expanding into different themes, most recently ‘transitions’. I hope it’s alright I put in a link to your story.
    Safe travels!
    Jo (goalbowl)

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