Legoland in Germany is Awesome!

By Peter of Wardrobe

When we went to Germany to visit Auntie Lisa, Mom’s friend, we decided to visit Legoland. My brother and sisters and I really really love Lego. I especially like Ninjago Lego. Ninjago is a new Ninja Lego that just came out. It’s a really cool Lego because they have really cool dragon sets.

Studying the Legoland map to plan our strategy for the day

We had to wake up early in the morning to drive from Karlsruhe to Gunzberg. Auntie Lisa came with us. It took us 2 hours on the Autobahn. The Autobahn is the German highway system, and some of it has no speed limit.

I was really excited when we first saw 3 huge Lego blocks on a hill. That was a sign that we were really close to Legoland. When we got there, it smelled like poo. Dad says there must have been a manure field nearby.

Auntie Lisa and a Lego Baker

We spent a full day there. It was a great day to go to Legoland because it was sunny and 30 degrees Celsius outside. The first ride we went on was the Harbor Cruise. You get to steer your own Lego boat. Edmund and Dad went in one boat together. Mom and Susan went in a boat together and Auntie Lisa rode with Lucy. I went by myself! It was fun because I actually got to drive my own Lego boat.

We went on 7 rides in total. One was a rollercoaster ride in a big castle called the Fire Dragon. My most favourite ride was Captain Nick’s Splash Battle. It’s when you go around in a boat and shoot water out of your own cannon that you’d have to pump. There are other boats that pass you and you’d have to hit the people on the other boats. We all got soaked!

I also liked the new Star Wars Lego display which showed a whole bunch of Stars Wars Lego like the Millennium Falcon, the ATSTs and the ATATs. My favourite from the whole display was the Millenium Falcon. It was the Awesomest!

Beside the Star Wars display was Miniland which had Berlin, Venice, Holland, Switzerland, Munich built all in Lego. It was pretty cool! I wonder how many people and how long it would have taken to build a Lego city.

Before we went home, we went to the Lego Store and my siblings and I got some Lego minifigures. I got a small Lego Kingdom pack of 5 knights. I was happy to get them to add to the Lego I brought with me to France for the year.

It was super awesome that we got to go to Legoland in Germany!

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6 Responses to Legoland in Germany is Awesome!

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  2. zachary says:

    They are opening in florida so we plan on going there soon. When we go there again.
    I can’t wait.

  3. zachary says:

    That looks realy cool and fun!!!!

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