Making friends in Germany

Written by Lucy

While we were in Germany we drove to the apartment we were going to stay in. There were kids and an adult standing outside.  When we got outside of the car Dad and Mom went to talk with the adult while Susan, Peter, Edmund, and I were waiting, we started playing with them. Their names were Sophie, Alexa, and Conrad. They could only speak German and we could only speak English. They gave us freezies. They were really nice! They said at 9 o’clock go outside to play, we said bye because we had to get some food. While we were in the grocery store, we got candy because we wanted to get something for them. When we were done getting food, we went back to the apartment.

When the next day came, we all woke up at 9 o’clock but not Dad, and we went outside to play with them. We had to wait because they were getting ready, and when they came outside we started playing with their bikes and go-carts. There was even a small park just across the road. There was a spinning wheel in the park and we all ways went on the spinning wheel. It was our favourite thing in the park. It even had swings and a little wooden park. The sand was rocks and sand. While we were in the park we had a sand and rock fight. After that we went inside and had a little drink.  When we were done the drinks we went outside again but Peter didn’t come outside; but a few minutes later Peter came outside with the candy and gave it to them.

Sophie, Alexa, and Conrad showed us their tree house. Susan, Peter, Edmund, and I climbed up the tree house and played on their trampoline. They had chickens, bunnies, hamsters, and guinea pigs in a giant pen. They also had a dog and two cats. We thought that was really cool.

We played with them 3 times. German kids are really nice. Too bad Mom forgot to get a picture of them.

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3 Responses to Making friends in Germany

  1. hoorayrenee says:

    As you should be! It seems you have another write in the family….

  2. hoorayrenee says:

    Hi, Lucy. What a great experience. Freezies? A trampoline? Bikes? Go-carts? Chickens? Bunnies? A dog? Sophie, Alexa, and Conrad sound like the best kids ever. Glad you all had a good time together.

    From a writerly perspective, all the lovely details in your post made me feel like I was there. Well done!

    • Thanks for the comment Renee! This was Lucy’s first ever post in which she insisted on typing all of it herself! In the past she would just narrate her experience to me and I’d type it all for yer. She wrote it originally as a huge paragraph with no punctuations, so it was a great opportunity to teach her about writing paragraphs, sentence structure, and putting in punctuations .
      So proud of my girl!

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