Peter turns 9!

Written by Jenn

Before we left Edmonton, we decided to celebrate Peter’s 9th Birthday with loved ones two weeks earlier than his actual birthday. It was rather last minute, but we gathered a small group together at Laser Quest for a fun afternoon of three thrilling games of Laser Tag.

The smaller children like Edmund had to be accompanied by an adult in the arena. They would carry the laser gun and the adult would wear the heavy vest and follow the little ones around for the matches. Sweaty and out of breath (well at least the adults were), we enjoyed some pizza and washed it down nicely with ice cream cake and soda. Peter was a happy camper and was all smiles when he received some cool Ninjago Lego for his birthday.

We celebrated Peter’s actual birthday in St. Laurent, France with a bike ride and a delicious Strawberry Shortcake, singing him Happy Birthday in French and English.

Nine years is a good age. I hope that Peter will look back on his 9th year of life as an exciting part of his childhood. A year which began a deeper discovery of another country; and a blossoming of a 9-year-old’s self discovery with what he can accomplish, by being open to learning something new and persevering with it. We hope that by living in France, learning its rich culture, and acquiring its language, Peter and his siblings will have ample opportunities to do so.

I am thankful for my boy. He has great qualities I can’t help but admire. Already at the age of 9, he’s very good at working hard. Whether it is just being efficient and doing a good job with his household chores, or just trying to be a better person.

He’s a great big brother to his little brother (although he can always try harder with his sisters). Peter is wonderful for watching after his little siblings, and he’s extra gentle and thoughtful around toddlers and babies.

Peter age 4 with his baby brother.

He’s not only a wonderful Mommy’s helper, but a great Daddy’s helper too. Everyday he’s growing stronger and smarter to be just like his dad. He’s also really great with numbers (just like dad). I know I can always count on him.

Peter we love you and thank God for you. We celebrate you in our lives.

Happy 9th Birthday!!

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3 Responses to Peter turns 9!

  1. Renee says:

    YAY!!! Totally enjoyed that slideshow of the progression of Peter!!! I LOVED the baby pics, and then it transforms into a handsome young man!!! Man Peter, I’m so proud of the person you’re becoming!!! I’m excited to see where life leads you! I miss you lots, but I’m glad you are having a blast out there!! love ya lots!

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