Edmund’s Impressions of Maternelle

Narrated by Edmund of Wardrobe, Age 5

I really like school. It’s awesome. I play painting, play dough, and I do some school stuff. I do math like counting math in French. It’s fun ‘cause I made a whole bunch of friends. There’s one named Priscillia, and Tom. Priscillia kisses me and hugs me. Fabien gave me a cookie. They’re all really nice. They’re all my friends.

My teacher is really nice at me. Her name is Maitresse (teacher in French).

I go at school on bikes, and it’s a short drive there. I have to wear my helmet maybe because I might flip over on a rock and will hit my head, and it will really hurt, and I might crack my head.

Ok so I don’t even understand French one bit. I know “oui”, “non”, “bonjour”, “mouton”, “d’accord”. I learned some more stuff but I forgot it. I really want to learn saying “mirror” in French. I really want to learn “closet” in French. That’s all.

The End.

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5 Responses to Edmund’s Impressions of Maternelle

  1. Mellie says:

    Bonjour Edmond. J’ai lu ton petit note au-dessus, pis j’espère que tu peux mieux comprendre et mieux parler en francais maintenant. P et moi allons venir vous visiter dans un mois! J’espère qu’on pourra parler un peut en francais. Au revoir pour maintenant 🙂

  2. Miranda says:

    That is wonderful that you love la maternelle! It is the best place to be. Tell your maitresse that she is a lucky lady to have a Smeenk in her class! Hugs for all of you 🙂

  3. Renee says:

    Way to go Edmund!!!! I’m glad you like school. Glad to hear you are having FUN!!! Miss you lots!!! I am glad you wear a helmet when you go biking cuz I would hate for you to crack your head!!! Love ya!!!!

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