Lucy’s French School Experience

Lucy getting ready for the First Day of School

Narrated by Lucy, typed by Mom

My school is an old building and has two playgrounds because the big kids stay in one playground and the smaller kids stay in the other playground. Edmund’s school is right across the road.

My first day of school, I made lots of friends because they asked if I wanted to play with them; and they asked it in French. At school the kids are really nice and it’s nice to play with them. And if I don’t know what they’re saying, I put my shoulders up and down or say “Je ne sais pas,” which means I don’t know. There’s a girl at school and she’s the daughter of Susan’s teacher and she’s really nice. Her name is Faustine. I kind of understand her a little bit.

I am starting to read French. I know my l’alphabet in French and I know cursive. My favourite thing about French is that it sounds pretty. The words that I know is: Bonjour,  au revoir, non, merci, oui, je ne sais pas, Comment ça va, d’accord. I know numbers and I could count up to 14 for now. It’s un, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, six, sept, huit, neuf, dix, onze, douze, treize, quatorze, and that’s all. My favourite number if neuf.

In the older playground there’s a cafeteria. My favourite part of school is when I go to the cafeteria. Mom and Dad signed me in with Susan and Peter and there’s really good food there. There’s fish. There’s cold food like salad, pasta without any sauce; And for dessert we have yogurt or purple grapes, or fruit.

Lucy trying out the violin with the Music School's Principal

I am learning violin in school. I like it. The teacher is nice.

The place where we live is nice and big and has a big green gate, and it has a pool and a kitchen that you use in the summer which is outside. It has nice beds and it has a nice big spaced kitchen and a laundry room and sunroom. There’s a nice beach. There’s lots of boats and nice schools around. There is lots of buses and cars and motorbikes.

Lucy arriving at school with the school bus behind her. No yellow buses here. You should see them drive these buses around the narrow roads in the Old Town!


Just a side note from Lucy’s mom:

Our Primary school in Agde has music lessons Thursday afternoons during school with the École de Musique. Students have the option to join choir (where they learn how to sing) or take up a musical instrument. Lessons are covered by the school board and are of no extra cost to the parent. Instrument rental is only 45 Euros a year per instrument, per child. Currently, Lucy is learning the violin, Susan the cello (sounds so gorgeous!), and Peter is learning guitar. The guitar teacher is not available during school so Peter goes for his lessons Wednesday mornings (Wednesdays are days off here -school is only 4 days a week), so he joins the choir Thursday afternoons. If we were in Canada, music instrument lessons are not only extracurricular endeavors but also VERY expensive. With 4 kids, this is one very attractive reason for us to live here!

In a town of 20,000 (when all the tourists are gone during low season), our English speaking family of 6 stand out like sore thumbs. We are known as “The Canadians” or in French, “Les Canadiens”. Our children have been called “Les Petits Canadiens Anglophones” – The Little English-speaking Canadians.

On the first day of school, the kids got a lot of attention from other kids: many were touching their hair, skin, clothes, holding their hands, hugging them. Our first observation with the French here is that they are VERY affectionate!! We like that very much. 🙂 They not only like to greet friends with 3 kisses on the cheek, but they kiss their kids on the lips as a greeting. As a result, the children are very affectionate too. Our children say even the canteen (cafeteria) staff talk to them, asking where we’re from and why we’re here. Needless to say, we are feeling very welcomed here, and have met some wonderful friends.

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4 Responses to Lucy’s French School Experience

  1. See, that’s perfect. School just four days a week, and it includes music instruction. Reading about your experiences leaves me itching to try a year (or more) abroad with our daughter too. That’s not to say that our Euro-tour hasn’t been wonderful, but it’s a completely different experience. Settling in somewhere with one language and lots of friends sounds perfectly lovely.

  2. Lisa says:

    Wow! It seems like you are really having a fun time learning at the school Lucy (and not just you). That is great! It seems like a wonderful school and I hope I can visit it when I come in the next while 🙂 You’ll have to give me a tour. And the violin! I can’t wait to hear you play. Maybe you can give me some tips as I have stopped playing 😛 The cello is one of my favs so I hope to hear Susan play it as well. And the guitar, yes Peter may have some tips for me there too. Hmmm… what would Edmund pick? 😀

    See you all soon!

    Love Auntie Lisa

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