Practicing Music at Home

Thought I’d just share a cute little pic of my three older kids practicing their instruments together. As part of their school curriculum, the kids go to music school Thursday afternoons. I wrote a little note about it at the end of  Lucy’s French school post. Susan is learning the cello, Peter the classical guitar, and Lucy the violin. We’re renting Susan’s and Lucy’s instruments, but had to buy Peter’s guitar.

It sounds like a Music School in my living room! I love it! 🙂

You may wonder where Edmund must be……

He was watching his older siblings upside down. Actually, he was feeling very left out and wanted me to get him an instrument as well. I asked him which instrument he might be interested in, and he said trombone.

Would anyone like to give me suggestions on which instrument would go well with an active 5-year-old? He wants to play with his siblings. The three are already talking about playing a piece together. I think they were inspired by the cool street music they saw in Montpellier today. There was a brass band (hence the trombone idea of Edmund’s), and a cool French rock band.


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2 Responses to Practicing Music at Home

  1. Renee says:

    Kazoo! Egg Shakers! Maybe even a little drum! Or, to take after his daddy, a TRIANGLE! Or piano!!!!!!!

    • I would agree with you on all those, but Mike would lose interest after shaking an egg or blowing in a kazoo. I will have to keep an eye out for a little drum, though will watch and listen to see if he’s serious. ~J

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