A Little Update


It’s been a month-and-a-half now since school in France started. The children are happily settled into a comfortable routine which has kept us steadily occupied, but not overwhelmed. The three older ones are enjoying their music lessons, and I am impressed at how their youth has helped them pick music up so effortlessly. We cover our Homeschool work on Wednesdays and on the weekends (mostly Sundays), which so far has consisted of English and Math.

Lucy started her art lessons last week and loves it. She goes every Wednesday afternoons for one-and-a-half hours where she receives drawing and painting instruction. It is a delight for me to watch her face brighten when she shows me her work and tells me all about it. She is my happy little artist.

This Wednesday, Susan began her classical ballet and jazz lessons. She’s taken dance lessons since she was three, so she’s been very excited to go back, since we missed an entire year of lessons while we travelled last year. She is growing so tall now, and was a graceful sight in her white dance leotard, skirt, ballet bun, and pink slippers.

Everyone is chugging along with their French, and so far life here in France is pretty sweet.

Brian has been enjoying his Forex Trading in peace. During our travels last year he tried his best to trade in the living room amidst the kids’ noise and activities. It was challenging, especially when we were constantly moving from one city or country to another. Now that we’re stationary, he’s converted one of the guest rooms into a den and is all set up. I admire his commitment to rising at 5:30 in the morning to prepare for the London Open. He’s focused and intense about his work, has been experiencing some good success, and learning tons from his mistakes. I like listening to him when he shares passionately about his daily trading. Selfishly, I’m glad that Forex shuts down on the weekends, because then we have him all to ourselves.

As for me? Well, I’ve been slowly progressing with my French. I’ve recently purchased Benny the Polyglot’s Fluent in Three Months Language Hacking Guide. This month, I’m also brushing up on my French vocabulary through the courses on Livemocha. Right now, I am working on not being so shy with my French. I think I’m overly self-conscious about making mistakes, and it is holding me back. As Benny writes in his Guide, it is necessary to write down your specific language goals. I’ll have to write down my daily and weekly French language goals and stick to it. I’ve been listening to French music and the radio lately, and watched the Chipmunks movie with the kids in French with English subtitles. We hardly turn the TV on, but when we do, we watch movies in French. The other night I watched La Vie En Rose with English subtitles. It’s the fascinating life story of Edith Piaf, the famous French singer. It was a wonderful connection for me because we visited her grave in Père Lachais Cemetary in Paris. For such a tiny lady, her voice was powerful, and captivated France like no other. I’ve also been reading and writing a lot (although not blogging) and learning tons about the French culture. Little by little I feel as if I’m turning into a veritable Francophile.

We’re celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving a week late with our new friends here. I have to admit, I’m a little intimidated with our very first feast. We Canadians just pile all our food on the table and feast to our stomachs’ content. Contrast that beside the French 6 course meals, and we come across as a little savage. 😉 I think we’ll have a good time!

Happy belated Thanksgiving Canada!!

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10 Responses to A Little Update

  1. Drina Murphy says:

    It does sound idyllic, I would’ve loved to live in France, unfortunately the kids don’t share my feelings:(

    • Hi Drina,
      It’s a beautiful country to live in, and just as nice to visit. You probably have visited France several times and have learned so much with each visit? I’ve checked out your website and I think it’s fantastic! A good resource for bigger families. 🙂

  2. beth says:

    I have always enjoyed and love reading, learning and knowing all about ur family’s travel adventours. thank you for ur kindness in sharing them with us. Yes, la Vien Rose is one of my favorite movies I’ve watched, and I hardly watch any at all. Kuya Ver Motos daughter, ness, had introduced me to that movie and i fell in love w/ the story, esp about all the music played in it, that I end up buying the CD. Keep up the great news of ur travels and French living experiences. Hugs! Auntie

  3. Lisa says:

    You guys are awesome parents. It’s great to see you nurture the talents and passions of your children (as well as yourselves!). I am excited to hear all the stories you have to share when I visit in 5 days! I have been counting the days the past month 😛

    I’m sure your Thanksgiving Feast was a delicious delight 🙂 See you soon!

  4. Auntie Renee says:


  5. It all sounds lovely. Glad to hear you’re all settling in so well.

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