Peter’s French School Experience


Narrated by Peter while folding origami. Typed by his Mom.

I started school a month-and-a-half ago in Agde. I’m in grade 4 in Canada, but in France I am in grade CM1 (cours moyen première année). School is good. French is fun to learn because if you learn it and you’re fluent in it, you can speak two languages. After a month of school, I noticed I improved in my French. So now I can actually communicate better with friends. I like the language because it is easy to learn. In school you get Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays off.

On the first day of school I was a little bit nervous because I didn’t know much French. But after the first day of school it was better. I made some friends. Benjamin, Yacine, Jean-Baptiste, and Linda are my buddies. One of the cool things about school is that everybody has marbles, so when we go outside for recess, everybody brings their marbles and we play games to try to win each other’s marbles.

When we have lunch, they serve really good food at the canteen (cafeteria). They either serve beans and chicken or fish and pasta and sometimes pastries. You drink water and you can take as much bread as you want. I prefer eating lunch at school than eating at home.


Peter tried out the contrebasse (double bass) but decided to learn guitar

Everybody at school takes music lessons on Thursday afternoons. I wanted to take guitar but it was full so I decided to take guitar lessons on Wednesday mornings instead. We went to Montpellier to buy a guitar for me. Guitar is fun. Mom said that if I learn how to read music then I will be better in Math. Math is my favourite subject.

School started September 5, then on October 10 I went sailing for a week with my class. It was really cool because you actually learned how to sail. Me and another person would go on a boat and we would work together as a team. My classmate would do the steering and I would direct the sail to catch the wind. We’d go out into the ocean and put our sail in our boat and get to learn about the wind more – about south, west, east, north. At the last day of our sailing, we had a race to see who was the fastest on our boat. We did 3 laps. In the end they would add up however many points you have, and if you had the least points, you would win. So I came in third with my friend Benjamin.

School is going good in France. I really like it here. The weather is really nice and I like our new house that we’re staying in.


Cap d'Agde

Building for sailing lessons

The beach on a gorgeous October day.

Peter's class going out to sea

Fort Brescou was an 18th century prison built on an ancient volcano.

If you look closely, the shadow of land in the horizon is Spain.

The water was clear and shimmering all day

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7 Responses to Peter’s French School Experience

  1. Mellie says:

    Hi Peter! I know that this post is a little older now, but I really wanted to comment on it. You got to go sailing and operated a boat with just you and your friend – how cool!! I don’t think there’s anything like that in Edmonton, what wonderful opportunities you’ve had while travelling and living in France. I’d like to learn how to sail one day, maybe you can give me a few tips one day.

  2. Love the sailing class! How’d they get everyone to line up in such a neat line?

    • Hi Mark,
      All the boats were tied together with a rope. Peter really loved it, and was disappointed to only experience it for 1 week.
      My friend here, who is also a teacher, says that Agde is a great town to live in because of all the special activities given to children in public school. Unfortunately, it is not the same with other towns as we assumed. Because Agde is a tourist beach town with many amenities, locals are able to use the programs during the low season for cheaper/local prices.
      The sailing lessons, music lessons, archery, star gazing fieldtrip, and week of skiing in the French Alps for students has all been subsidized by the Mairie (Town Hall) here, so we just got lucky with choosing Agde to live in.

  3. Lisa says:

    Great to read that you are really enjoying school there Peter! It seems like you are learning a lot and having fun doing it. I can’t wait to hear you play your guitar, speak French and just listen to all the experiences you and your siblings are having in Agde. See you Thursday!!!!

  4. Renee says:

    Way to go Peter! I’m so glad that you are enjoying everything over there!!! I’m really proud of you! I can’t wait to hear you play guitar dude! That’s sooo cool! And what are you folding with your origami?

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