My School Experience

Written by Susan of Wardrobe

I’ve been living in France for two months now and I’ve adjusted to the culture. It is a really good experience for me and it’s fun too. I go to École Jules Ferry, which is located in the Old Town of Agde. I am in fifth grade, which in France is grade CM2. I enjoy school lots.

Getting ready to bike on the First Day of School

The first day of school was kind of hard because I didn’t know anybody and it was all in French. I was very nervous and my hands were shaking when  I had to write. But I got through it. Mom says it’s good to be challenged so you can grow to be smarter and be a better person. So I have to be courageous when I’m out of my comfort zone. Everybody was really nice to me and made me feel welcome. I made a few friends that day. Their names are: Elodie, Johanna, Mona, Carla, and Anna Lolita. They’re really funny and sweet because they try to talk English to me sometimes which makes us all burst out laughing.

My Friend's Disco Birthday Party

In school I’m learning Geometry, Geography, Math, Science, History, and French grammar. We also learn French songs that were made in the 1950s. We learn English also. I help the teacher sometimes because of my “awesome” accent, as they say it. My favourite subjects are Math and Science. I find that French is easier to learn than some may think. When I hear or read French it comes instantly to my brain, I don’t even have to think about it. Sometimes I even catch myself thinking or counting in French. I think French is beautiful. I hope to be better with my French at the end of the year.

Nature Field Trip. On Mont St Loup sketching the vista.

Learning a Halloween Song in English class.

I think that school is neat because you have to write in cursive all the time. The European cursive writing and numbers are written differently than the North American way. Long division is even  written a little differently (see picture below). I prefer doing it the North American way because it’s easier for me. But mom says that it is important to learn how to do things differently because there’s never only one way to do things. If we exercise our brains and be open to different ideas, it will help us think more creatively (out-of-the-box) and in some ways make us smarter.

In school we do lots of neat activities. Every Thursday afternoon we have music class. I am learning the Violoncelle (Cello). The  École de Musique is only a five minute walk away from school. At school every Tuesday my class and I go to tir à l’arc ( archery). I love archery because I pretend I’m Katniss from the Hunger Games. Mom even braids my hair like Katniss. Next week  I’m going to a field trip one hour away from Agde to go to an observatory to learn about astronomy. In the spring my classmates and I are going to learn how to sail a Catamaran in the ocean. I’m excited and I feel really lucky because I don’t get to do any of these things back in Edmonton.

I think this one year in France is going to change my life. It’s a good experience for me and my family.

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5 Responses to My School Experience

  1. Renee says:

    Dude, try dividing 112345345674958 by 7…hehe…now that’s hard!

    Way to go love! I am so happy to see you blossoming and growing into even more awesomeness everyday! I miss you lots, and remember that if you ever need to chat, write me a message on fb and we’ll set up a skype date!

    Gabe says hi…he is also watching Mickey Mouse…it’s his new fav thing! I will think of you & your bros and sis when we are in Disneyworld this month : )

  2. I really enjoyed hearing your take on it. I went to school in France for a year as a child (I went to the lycee though, not ecole) and still remember it very fondly. It was fantastic. So pleased you are getting so much out of it,

    Kind regards,

  3. McLeod Family says:

    It warms my heart to hear that you are enjoying your amazing life experience.

    God Bless.

    The McLeod Family (St. Albert, AB)

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