To acknowledge American Thanksgiving this weekend, I’d like to share a picture of the Canadian Thanksgiving we celebrated last October with our new friends here in Agde. Brian and I cooked all day to present a lovely spread of turkey with cranberry sauce, stuffing (made with day old French bread, and nuts -yum!), mashed potatoes and creamy gravy, cranberry spinach salad with blue cheese, a dish of peas and carrots, lemon jello salad (from Brian’s family recipe), and pumpkin pie. Our British friends Diana and Mike brought a scrumptious dish of cherry trifle for dessert (so good!); and our French friends Delphine and Frederic brought Champomy – a festive drink for the children, and Champagne for the  adults.

Between our meal and dessert, we went around the table to share what we were thankful for. It was a night of warm celebration and a kindling of new friendships. A multicultural gathering of gratitude! Isn’t that just so Canadian?

Wishing all our American friends a very happy Thanksgiving!

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