Gratitude Wednesday: Week 3

This week I’m thankful for:

~ Christmas in the mail!

We received a small package from Edmonton from my good friend Lisa. She packed in some little goodies for the children, her very own signed book of Haru and the Magic Paper, spices and microfiber cloths for me, and some jello packages (we can’t get them anywhere here) for Brian. The kids were ecstatic! The boys were delighted to get more Lego, and Lucy was effervescent in her surprise of new pastels. She yelled, “How did Auntie Lisa know I needed this?” Just the other day we were looking through our Usborne Book of Art and Lucy was wishing she had some oil pastels to try a few techniques. So as you can imagine, she ripped the plastic off the box and got to work right away.

When Susan saw her gift of a wax stamp with her monogram, she screamed, “This is EXACTLY what I wanted!! Thank you Auntie Lisa!!”

That evening, with Lisa’s gift of organic masala spice, I made the most delicious, spicy, tofu vegetable masala with coconut rice. It was an unforgettable meal!

Thank you Lisa!!

~ Mediterranean Shell Christmas Tree

I’m thankful for our little 5 Euro Christmas Tree I purchased at HyperU. The box had it marked as a Sapin Canadien (Canadian Fir Tree). I knew immediately it was meant for us! The original plan was to make our own Christmas ornaments, which we’ve been doing every year with the kids. I happened across a plastic bucket of seashells Lucy collected during her afternoon out to the beach with her friend, and the idea for a Mediterranean Seashell Christmas Tree was born!

We reused some old ribbon from the paper turkey wall decorations we made for Thanksgiving; topped the tree with Lucy’s golden star ornament she made at art class; wrapped our travel towel as a tree skirt, and voila! Our Christmas tree is ready for presents!

~Recovering from a week of Bronchitis

We endured a week of high fevers and coughing with our three younger kids. Yesterday, we finally went to see le docteur at the medi-clinic because their coughing started to sound more wet and tenacious. We couldn’t kick the bronchitis with our usual regime of meds, chest physio, rest, and hot vegetable soup, so le docteur prescribed us some stronger medication. I’m thankful for drugs which cost less than it does back home. All these meds (steroids, antibiotics, nasal sprays, pain/fever pills) for 3 kids and Brian only cost us 75 Euros ($105 Canadian).

Unfortunately, three out of four kids missed a week of school. They’re on the mend now and are returning tomorrow. The bad news is that Susan, who seemed immune for a while, began coughing today. 😦

~Creative Kids

I’m grateful for creative, imaginative kids! They remind me everyday about the beautiful mysteries every person is born with. Their brilliance dazzles me and fills me with love. I am in awe of what they can create!

Peter shared his drawings with me while we waited at the doctor’s office yesterday. I was familiar with some of them, but was thrilled to discover more of his talents. He’s only 9, and already I can see his appreciation for detail.

Drawings by Peter of Wardrobe, Age 9

Edmund wants to be just like his older brother. At the age of five, he’s working on his drawing skills too. I love his imagination.

Which brings me to Lucy. She is our little melancholic artist who has a passion for drawing every chance she can get. I took some pictures of her drawings from the little black travel book she carried around during our months of backpacking. She studies her landscapes and inserts her own unique perspective.

Cappadocian Landscape – Goreme, Turkey

The Madrasa – Fez, Morocco

Parisian Buildings – Paris, France

 Susan put her creative skills into play when she built a house for her dolls. She spent a sunny afternoon happily lost in her little world.

I am grateful for my children’s energy and fearlessness to create. They inspire me with beauty every day.

Written by Jenn

What are you thankful for this week?

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6 Responses to Gratitude Wednesday: Week 3

  1. Emma says:

    Bonjour Susan, I love your guys christmas tree and your doll house ! Je te Manques. See you soon!

  2. I’m thankful for a little taste of Christmas’ past this week when my husband (who went back to the US for a short business trip) brought OUR stockings to Costa Rica. These are stockings I sewed, making a new one for the new baby’s first Christmas. I had to hold back the tears.

    Our Christmas tree looks similar to yours…lots of handmade ornaments. We strung popcorn (and for some reason the ants don’t like popcorn!), the kids strung pasta, and have a few store bought balls. Not as grand or memory filled as our past trees, but still something the children cherish.

    And our children ALWAYS seem to be drawing something. We’ve had to limit the paper they use because it just gets to be too much! LOL! Peter has some amazing talent. I never would have guessed those drawings were done by a 9 yr old.

    And we also have been sick! (It’s like we’re leading parallel lives across the ocean!) Hubby got diagnosed with sinusitis and the rest of us have just had bad colds. Hope Susan feels better soon!

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