I can ride a two wheeler now!


Dear Auntie Renee,

I learned how to bike with two wheels in Agde (last September). And it’s so, so fun!

I love it. It’s like my dream come true. I bike at school with it, and I can do a lot of stunts on it. Like when I’m biking, I can stand on my pedals. I can bike with one hand, but my awesome brother Peter can bike with no hands.

Before, I had training wheels on the back wheels of my bike, but now I don’t. I bike a lot!

My bike is all black and it has yellow stripes, and I can go fast on it. There’s this guy named Fabien in my class, and he always likes to ride my bike….everyday!

Bike is velo in French. And sheep is mouton. Beyblade is toupie (in French). The end! Smile


Edmund number 5 (age 5)


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2 Responses to I can ride a two wheeler now!

  1. renee says:

    WOW Ed!!! I am VERY VERY PROUD OF YOU!!!! Great job on biking! I remember when my big bro taught me how to bike, and I felt so good about myself!! That’s so awesome that you can already do stunts!!!!

    And way to go on the french! I never knew what Beyblade was in french! SOO COOL!!!

    I love you guys lots and miss you tonnes! I am excited for when you come back here and bike to my place! Then I will give you lots of candy, or maybe we can then go to 7-11 and I can buy you a slurpee!!!! HEHEHEHE….

    Keep up the great work! You are awesome : )


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