Vive le Vent d’Hiver

The beach is only a 3km leisurely bike ride away from our apartment in Agde.

We took advantage of the brilliant winter sunshine and Mediterranean climate today by spending our Sunday afternoon at the beach. There were families, retired couples, dog-walkers, and kite flyers walking outside. The wind was vivacious, stirring everything into motion.

A handful of parasurfers harnessed the force of the wind’s currents. Their colourful wings danced above them as they dug the edges of their surfboards into the waves. It was enchanting to watch them ride gracefully on the surface of the water. An occasional upward pull from their kites made them fly into the air like birds lifting off into the sky. It was breathtaking!

Below is a short video of the parasurfers doing their thing. I made sure to get the kids in there too.  I sure love winter in Southern France! 🙂


Vive le vent d’hiver! = Long live the winter wind!


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3 Responses to Vive le Vent d’Hiver

  1. Kelly says:

    Wow oh wow: Soaring, thanks for being that example.
    Hello Brian and Jenn and family,
    It is so inpirational watching your family take this wild journey. You’ve mentioned there are certain elders in your community that you aspire to be like and model afterwords. That is very beautiful, we have lots to learn from our elders we look up to; like hope, marriage, the family unit, wisdom, patience, and holding strong to our faith through it all.
    You are doing the same thing for many of us, right now. You are the couple that I personally would like to model after. Through adversity you’ve plowed through many challenges and yet persevered and now you are a testament to how we could journey and soar.
    You have inspired me greatly by showing some courage and strength in picking up and going abroad and showing us the world. It seems that it has brought your family closer with a family unit that has such a strong bond. And that’s only the beginning.
    There is quite a beauty about the wind surfers. Let the wind take you where your heart soars yet change direction when called to do so, all the while seek, love and live out this great gift of life our Lord has blessed us with.
    Embrace your soaring to the fullest
    May the good Lord continue to pour his blessing upon your family.

    • briansmeenk says:

      Hey bud. Good to hear from you, been wondering how you and Janie have been since we last saw you. Thanks for your kind words. Honored that you think of us as an inspiration, I guess we just think of ourselves as doing our thing, living life. Looking forward to hooking up when we are back in town this summer/fall. Hi to Janie and the kids for us. Brian

  2. Lisa says:

    Great pics and video Jenn! Seems like you guys had fun. Miss being in Agde. It was really nice there. It’s wonderful to see how busy the beach is during the winter. Enjoy it more for all of us! Love and miss you!

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