Saturday-ing around

The three-week cold snap and violent winds in Agde finally passed. So today we made our way outside to enjoy the sunny spring-like weather. We brought our old baguettes with us and stopped to feed the ducks on our way to the beach. It’s funny how taking the time to do such a simple thing can be so much fun.

Lucy ran into her best friend on the beach. They were delighted to see each other because Murcia moved away a couple of months ago, and Lucy was pretty bummed out because of it. It warmed my heart to see them hugging and laughing together again.

There were crowds of people at the beach today. Families and their children (teenagers to babies swaddled in slings) strolled along the sand. Some flew kites, while others played sports – kicking soccer balls, throwing boomerangs. Several little kids climbed the jungle rope monkey bars while the café patrons smoked at their tables and enjoyed a little aperitif.

Our kiddos dug in the sand and dipped their bare legs in the freezing sea. You could tell they were foreigners because they were the only ones who stripped off their jeans and jackets (they wore their shorts and skirts of course) and ran into the cold water.

On our way back home, Peter almost ran over a little snake. It moved very slowly, which made us wonder if it was injured. When Peter picked it up, it immediately coiled itself in a protective knot. The kids were fascinated with how tiny and gentle it was.

The kids having their snack at Lucy's shop.

Back at home, the kids got busy creating a little city in their rooms. They each made a fort which advertised their own businesses. Edmund was elected Mayor because he was also the town doctor and dentist. Susan was the jeweller, banker, and doll-clothing seller. Lucy was the shop owner who sold a little bit of everything – jewelry, art, books, and doll clothes. Peter was the local soldier, bank robber, and hobo-wanderer. It was amusing to watch them play so well together. My kids crack me up. 🙂

It was a lovely Saturday!

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2 Responses to Saturday-ing around

  1. Jenn, reading this post is so vivid after getting to know your family and spending time with you all in Agde. Your kids are so much fun and crack us up, too. I am glad to hear the cold snap and winds finally abated. Spring is just around the corner.

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