Pont du Gard with the Ramble Crunch Gang

Ramble Crunch family: Renee, Mark, and Emma

You know when you meet someone, and you like them instantly? We experienced that exact feeling when we met the D’Antoni family for the first time. Mark and Renee, their 11-year-old daughter Scout, and their Jack Russell Terrier, Archie, make up Ramble Crunch; a Canadian-American family travelling Europe in their RV for almost a year. They’ve been through Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, France, and Spain. We love them!

They came to visit us here in Southern France during the cold-snap in February. Scout and our girls enjoyed a 5-night sleepover. She also spent a day with Susan in French school, and attended Peter’s guitar performance at the library. Scout was supposed to go to French school for a second day, but the furnace at the school broke, dropping the temperature inside the classrooms down to 10 degrees Celsius. So the kids were sent home early for the weekend.

Our two families walked through the Agde market, and biked through the violent, biting, winter winds of Southern France. Our kids made dance videos, played video games, watched movies, and cooked creatively-shaped pancakes together. Brian and I enjoyed Mark and Renee’s company, chatting about travel, work, the world economy, and our future plans. We had such a great time visiting with Mark, Renee, and Scout, and look forward to the day when we see eachother again, somewhere in this big beautiful world.

You can check out the D’Antoni Family’s blog on www.ramblecrunch.com. Scout also has a pretty cool blog on www.ramblecrunchjunior.wordpress.com.

Hamming it up for the camera

Driving to Pont du Gard in the Ramble Crunch RV. The kids LOVED it!

A wine vineyard during the French winter season

The Pont du Gard is a famous Roman aqueduct built in the 1st century AD, crossing the Gard river and running between the two towns of Uzès and Nimes. It’s the highest of all the Roman aqueduct bridges still standing today, and one of the best preserved. The Pont du Gard is a World Heritage UNESCO Site. It’s absolutely stunning!

Pont du Gard shadow on the winter landscape.

My favourite photo of the Pont du Gard.

Family Photo at the Pont du Gard

More photos in the slide show below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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