Smeenk Grandparent’s visit to France Part Quatre (4): Patisserie Breakfast and Notre Dame


Our second day in Paris began with a short walk to the nearest Patisserie where we bought pastries for breakfast. The kids were enthralled with the showcase of beautifully displayed cakes and pastries. There were delectable varieties of tarts, éclairs, cookies, chocolates, and breads. We each settled for one of the delicate, butter-drenched pastries and bought extra pain au chocolats for snacks later on. They tasted incredible! Every bite was a piece of heaven. From main dishes to desserts, the French are experts in making great food. Their portions are just right, exploding with flavour with every bite. Food here is a passionate art.





Easter chocolates


We had a train ride back to Agde scheduled for the early afternoon that day, so there was no time to waste, as we still had Notre Dame to visit. So we ate our breakfast at the bus stop, waiting for our bus headed to the cathedral. Sitting along a black wrought iron fence, we took in our surroundings of gorgeous French architecture, smelling the combination of spring blossoms and car fumes in the air. The Parisian morning sun warmed us, as we watched people head to work. High heeled ladies strutted past while cyclists manoeuvred through the traffic. Paris in the morning is a dream.

IMG_1079  IMG_1083IMG_1081



On the many bridges we traversed across in Europe, we’ve encountered love locks. We first learned about them in Seville, then found them throughout Italy and France. Couples from all over the world have left their mark on these old bridges, professing their undying love for each other by writing their names on the locks then tossing the key in the river.  How romantic!


It was busy at Notre Dame that morning. I could tell by Grandma and Grandpa’s faces that they were a little overwhelmed by the crowds. There was a long trailing line-up to enter the church and the atmosphere was buzzing with international languages and camera flashes.



I am not exaggerating when I say that Edmund is a chick magnet. He has a certain endearing look and charm that make ladies pay attention. He was innocently watching a woman have her picture taken, and the next thing I know is that Edmund gets invited to take a photo with her. It’s happened a handful of times with my kids, but more so with Edmund. I think he’s pretty cute. Of course, I am a little biased because I am his mother.  He resembles my favourite man (his dad), with a little brush of Asian twinkle to his looks.



Lucy was once again inspired to sketch the cathedral, so I stayed outside with her while  her two rambunctious brothers played tag in the crowd. We had seen the inside of the Notre Dame Cathedral last year during our 10 days in Paris, so I was happy to sit outside and people-watch. Two Catholic Missionaries introduced themselves. Jean-Luc, Gabriel and I had a lovely visit talking about their work and the upcoming Easter celebrations that week. They invited us for a special mass at the cathedral that evening. Unfortunately, we had to catch our train that afternoon back to southern France.


Here’s a pic on our walk to catch the Metro. It still amazes me how comfortable our kids are in a foreign place. They sure are fanastic little travellers.

Written by Jenn

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6 Responses to Smeenk Grandparent’s visit to France Part Quatre (4): Patisserie Breakfast and Notre Dame

  1. I’m jealous! We’ve yet to take the whole family on a worldwide version of our fulltiming tripping, but you certainly have me thinking more about it now.

    Love the term “worldschooling” by the way.

  2. Serena says:

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  3. Mellie says:

    The pastries look delicious! As I sit here Mepo is wrestling with one of Pauline’s shoes. I’d normally stop her, but this time it’s not my shoe 😉
    And little Edmond, that’s what I remember him best for – he’s just so darned cute. All your children are super cute – can’t wait to see all the cuties in a couple of weeks. Oh and I look forward to seeing Lucy’s sketch posted online.

    • Hi Mellie!
      Thank you for your comments! Are you 2 planning on visitng Paris while you’re here in France? We are SO looking forward to you staying with us!! We have extra bikes for you 2 to get around, and hopefully by the time you get here mid-May, our Landlord will have opened the pool for use. There’s so much to see here. It will be fun to show you around. Love you girls!
      Jenn :=)

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