Riding the Paris Metro


From tuk-tuks in Thailand to petit-taxis in Morocco, I’ve always loved travelling  by local transit. For me, it’s a way to get a good vibe of a place, study it’s people, and take in the views. I’ve grown quite an appreciation for the trains (between countries, and inside cities) we’ve ridden throughout Europe.

For many, the metro is a part of life in Paris. The experience is an amalgamation of sensory stimulation of noises, crowds, smells, and motion. Travelling through the crowd, there’s a chaotic choreography of movement. Everyone is headed somewhere, even the musicians!

Check out this map illustrating the web of the Paris Metro lines!


This map photo taken from http://parisbytrain.com/paris-metro-maps/ You can download this map from the site and print it for use. Below are some photos I took when we travelled with the grandparents in Paris.




I discovered poetry written in some of the trains! The above translated: The child walks without thinking of the merry path, He believes the infinite, seeing no end. – Alfred de Musset. How cool is that!

What makes Paris nostalgic for me is the beautiful live street music (in this case metro music) I discover everywhere I go. There are so many talented musicians in Paris!


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4 Responses to Riding the Paris Metro

  1. All Tuckered Out says:

    This post made me nostalgic, thank you. The poem should translate as such:
    “The child walks happily, without thinking of the path. He thinks it to be infinite, not seeing the end.”

  2. Lisa says:

    Thanks for sharing Jenn! Love the video you took of the talented musicians on the metro! Great stuff!!!

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