A Weekend in London


By Susan of Wardrobe

A few weeks ago, my family and I took a weekend trip to London. Sounds like a short time to visit one of the worlds most famous country’s right? Well, you’re right. It was a tiring 2 days. We had jetlag already from the  1 hour and 30 minute plane ride from Montpellier to the Luton airport in London.

King's Cross Station



From the Luton Airport, we took a train and the underground to our hostel. We arrived at King’s Cross station where we saw Harry Potter’s Platform 9 and 3/4. Then we dropped off our bags at St. Paul’s Hostel where we were staying, and headed out again to walk past the Tate museum, and that night we saw Big Ben all lit up with it’s beautiful architecture and clock. The Parliament (which is at the base of Big Ben) was also so mesmerizing. We walked over the river Thames and admired the London Eye, which is just a huge ferris wheel, but has an amazing view. After that tiring evening, we decided to take the Underground to the hostel and crash for the night.






The next morning, feeling sore but ready to explore, we walked to Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. It was absolutely stunning, especially after we had an awesome tour. That morning I (and I think the whole family) became fascinated with Shakespeare. I admire him, I love his plays and his playful poetic words. My parents bought us a few Shakespeare books which Lucy really loved and couldn’t put down.




After the tour, we went to the London Dungeons, a scary historical attraction where they scared the wits out of me. There, we went on two rides, “A boat ride down the London sewers”, and “A drop ride to Doom”.


When the tour through The dungeons finished, we went to The London Bridge which was rich in history and rich in beauty. Although the feeling was kind of creepy, to know somebody got beheaded here, someone got tortured there, and so on. After seeing the ancient church in the Tower of London, we saw my favourite place, the room with the crown jewels! The biggest diamond in the world called The Star of Africa. There was so much gold, silver and riches! It was all very amazing to see all of that. I wish I could see it all again! From the London Tower you could see the Tower Bridge. It was huge but so cool to see!




That evening, we saw a Horrible Histories play: Barmy Britain. I wish everybody could learn the way Horrible Histories teaches people. Teaching them in songs or funny jokes about everything while changing costumes and putting on wigs, acting everything out, is a great way to share the history of Britain. It was a hilarious evening learning the history of Britain. I wish there was more, but eventually, it ended.



On our last morning, we got up early and took a bus to the Warner Brothers Harry Potter Studios. I, being a big fan of the books and movies, was thrilled to see the sets, costumes, and props. They gave us free passports where we had to search for hidden Snitches and had to stamp our books with different symbols we found. We had a fun evening pretending to be Harry Potter, jumping through the sets and imagining what it would be like to be a wizard. We even got to try some Butter Beer!


Reading Shakespeare and Horrible Histories in the shuttle bus going to HP Studios


IMG_2922IMG_2925IMG_2974IMG_2981IMG_2988 IMG_2996IMG_2998


From the studio, we went back into the city and saw the huge Buckingham Palace. It was amazingly beautiful! After admiring the outside for a few minutes we had lunch and ate our very first Fish and Chips, the national dish in the U.K. It was actually very delicious.

IMG_3077After lunch, we went to the National History Museum. Did you know that most of the museums in London are free? It was fascinating to see the theory of human evolution and lots of bones and skeletons. Afterwards, we took one of our last rides through the underground and went back to the hostel to get our bags. In the morning we boarded the plane and said our last goodbyes to London and set off for France.


I personally love London, fascinating with its history, castles and home of the yummy fish and chips! If I had the choice, I’d go back and stay for longer and see more. It’s an amazing city and I’d love to live there one day.




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  4. Mellie says:

    That’s one crazy busy weekend guys!!! But looks like you had fun. Great pics too!

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