My Great Britain Country Report


By Peter of Wardrobe

A few weeks ago, my family and I took a plane to London. We spent a weekend walking around London. We saw: The London Dungeons, Horrible Histories Show, Tower of London, Harry Potter Studio, and Big Ben.

Great Britain is an island located north of France. The Population of Great Britain is 62,262,000 which approximately 8,000,000 people live in the capital city of London. The currency of Great Britain is the British Pound and the official language is English.

Great Britain is known for several things. Their favourite food is fish and chips. One of the earliest ruins is Stonehenge. Two famous buildings are Big Ben and the British house of Parliament. Britain is also known for the longest reigning Monarchy.


On our recent trip to London we went to the London Dungeons, but it was not very scary. They showed us some old methods of torture and they told us about Jack the Ripper. Then they took us on two rides – ‘the boat ride to hell’ and ‘the drop ride to doom’.



Another attraction we saw was the Horrible Histories show at the Garrick Theater. Two very good actors played ‘Barmy Britain’ live on stage. The Theater was full of kids and their parents. I really enjoyed the show and hope I can see more Horrible History shows.




Next we went to the Tower of London which was the home to the Tudor monarchy. We joined a Beefeater tour and enjoyed learning about King Henry VIII and his six wives. The crown jewels, including the largest diamond in the world, called the First Star of Africa, were on display at the Tower of London.




The main reason we visited London was because we wanted to take a tour at the Harry Potter Studio, where parts of the eight movies were filmed and where much of the original props were on display. When we entered the studio they gave us passports. While we walked around the studio, we had to find 15 golden snitches. Each time we found one, we would cross them off are passports. It was really fun walking around the studio. We bought three butter beers, they were really good. My favourite part of the Harry Potter studio was when I sat on a broom in front of a green screen and they used computer graphics to make a background.


IMG_2982Butter beer was so good!




The highlight of my weekend in London was the Horrible Histories show. I really liked it because I`m a big fan of the Horrible Histories books, and because the actors were able to teach us history in a fun way.

In conclusion, Great Britain has a lot of history and is a really cool country. I hope someday I can go back and explore more of the country.

Here’s a video of the London Eye all lit up at night.

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  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time!

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