My Week at Class de Neige

Copie de SDC17343

By Peter of Wardrobe

Last February my class and I went for a week fieldtrip to Class de Neige (skiing class) in the Alps. I was a little bit nervous about being away from my mom and dad for a whole week but it turned out to be a good experience.

The day we left Agde, I had to wake up at 5.30 in the morning and go to school at 6.00. All the grade 4 classes took a 6 hour bus ride into the Alps. The driver loaded our luggage in a big compartment at the bottom of the bus. All the grade 4 teachers made sure we were seated, then we started our drive. Once we arrived there, our teachers unloaded our luggage and separated the boys from the girls. We picked three classmates we wanted to share our room with. The instructor sorted us into our rooms. After we finished unpacking our stuff, the instructor took us down to the cafeteria where we had lunch.



The next day we went to be fitted for our ski boots and our skis, then we took a 10min bus from our dormitory to the ski resort. When we arrived we were introduced to our ski instructor, who showed us how to attach our skis to our boots. Then he took us up a little hill on a conveyor belt, and said we had to practice on the little hill until we could prove that we were ready to go down the medium hill. We spent one whole day on the small hill. The next day, we warmed up on the small hill, and the advanced skiers moved onto the medium hill for a whole day. Once we finished the medium hill, we went on the last hill, the Black hill and it was the most fun. The Black hill was AWESOME; it was long with jumps everywhere, but the only downside was that one of the kids that came with us was so scared that he would fall down every few minutes, requiring all of us to wait for him. Other than that it was a good experience.




Our next activity was going dog-sledding. We were introduced to the dogs then we were shown how to control our sled – how to brake and how to speed up. Once we learned that, we could go dog-sledding . The dogs knew the path so we didn’t have to tell them where to go. It was fun but would have been even better if we weren’t stuck behind two girls that always fell off, causing us to wait every time. Besides that it was ok and was a cool experience.

Chiens de Traineau




Our last activity that we did was snow shoeing. I didn’t really like it because it was so much work carrying the shoes around. While we were hiking our instructor showed us some bones of animals that live in the alps. Some bones were bones of Chamois. When we got back to our class, our teacher asked us who liked the snow shoeing and nobody put their hand up.




On our last night in the Alps, we had a dance boom (a party). It was really fun when our instructors cranked up the music and handed out pop and candy. Two girls always tried to grab my hand and chase me around the room but I don’t really like dancing so I dodged them as best I could.



All in all, my week-long class de neige was a really awesome experience and I would go again if I could. One of the benefits about living in France for the school year has been that there are so many activities and field trips that we have been able to participate in. I hope we are able to have some field trips in our new school in Edmonton.

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